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DokuWiki Cheat Sheet by choefer

Cheat Sheet for Dokuwiki Project


====== Headline 1 ======Headline 1
===== Headline 2 =====Headline 2
==== Headline 3 ====Headline 3
=== Headline 4 ===Headline 4
== Headline 5 ==Headline 5

Font Formatting

' 'monos­paced' 'Monospaced

And any combin­ation from this


[[http­://­goo­]]External Link
[[http­://­goo­­|oo­gle]]External Link with Name
[[page­name]]Internal Link
[[name­spa­ce:­pag­ename]]Internal Link with Namespaces
[[name­spa­ce#­sec­tion]]Link direct to Section
[[\\se­rve­r\s­hare]]Windows Shares


{{wiki­:im­age.png}}Real Size Image
{{wiki­:im­­g?50}}Resize image to given width
{{wiki­:im­­g?2­00x50}}Resize to given width an height
{{http­://­goo­­/im­age­s/i­mag­e.p­ng?­200­x50}}External Image
{{ wiki:i­mag­e.png}}Left Image
{{wiki­:im­age.png }}Right Image
{{ wiki:i­mag­e.png }}Center Image


* TextUnordered List
- TextOrdered list


<co­de>Code View
<code php>Code with PHP Syntax Highli­ghting
<code php exam.p­hp>Downlo­adable Code with PHP Syntax Highli­ghting

Syntax Highlighting Languages (GeSHi)

Available Lanugages:
ABAP, Action­script, ADA, Apache Log, AppleS­cript, APT source­s.list, ASM (m68k), ASM (pic16), ASM (x86), ASM (z80), ASP, AutoIT, Backus­-Naur form, Bash, Basic4GL, BlitzB­asic, Brainfuck, C, C for Macs, C#, C++, C++ (with QT), CAD DCL, CadLisp, CFDG, CIL / MSIL, COBOL, ColdFu­sion, CSS, D, Delphi, Diff File Format, DIV, DOS, DOT language, Eiffel, Fortran, FourJ's Genero, FreeBasic, GetText, glSlang, GML, gnuplot, Groovy, Haskell, HQ9+, HTML, INI (Config Files), Inno, INTERCAL, IO, Java, Java 5, Javasc­ript, KiXtart, KLone C & C++, LaTeX, Lisp, LOLcode, LotusS­cript, LScript, Lua, Make, mIRC, MXML, MySQL, NSIS, Objective C, OCaml, OpenOffice BASIC, Oracle 8 & 11 SQL, Pascal, Perl, PHP, Pixel Bender, PL/SQL, POV-Ray, PowerS­hell, Progress (OpenEdge ABL), Prolog, ProvideX, Python, Q(uick­)BASIC, robots.txt, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, SAS, Scala, Scheme, Scilab, SDLBasic, Smalltalk, Smarty, SQL, T-SQL, TCL, thinBasic, TypoSc­ript, Uno IDL, VB.NET, Verilog, VHDL, VIM Script, Visual BASIC, Visual Fox Pro, Visual Prolog, Whites­pace, Winbatch, Windows Registry Files, X++, XML, Xorg.conf

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Cinlloc Cinlloc, 08:32 9 Oct 14

Thanks. Nevertheless, some suggestions:
- Font Formatting
- **Bold** syntax is not correctly written.
- No formatting missing (%%%% or <nowiki>)
- Quoting missing ( >)
- Simleys/FIXME/Txt2Html missing
- Links
- Interwiki links missing
- Table missing
- Basic macros missing : ~~NOTOC~~, ~~NOCACHE~~

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