Eclipse Source

Shift+­Ctrl+F Format
Ctrl+I Indent Line
Shift+­Ctrl+O Organi­ze ­Imports
Ctrl+2 F Quick ­Ass­ist­ ­ ­Ass­ign­ to­ field
Ctrl+2 L Quick ­Ass­ist­ ­ ­Ass­ign­ to­ lo­cal­ va­riable
Ctrl+2 R Quick ­Ass­ist­ ­ ­Ren­ame­ in­ file
Shift+­Alt+R Rename In File
Ctrl+. Next warning
Ctrl+Q Last Edit L­ocation
CTRL+S­HIFT+O Organize imports.
Ctrl+O Quick ­Outline
CTRL+E Shows you a list of all open editors.

Eclipse Text Editing

Ctrl+A­lt+Down Copy Lines
Ctrl+D Delete line
Ctrl+B­ack­space Delete Previo­us Word
Shift+­Ctr­l+D­elete Delete to End of Line
Shift+­Enter Insert Line B­elo­w C­urrent Line
Alt+Down Move Lines Down
Shift+­Ctrl+Y To Lower Case
Shift+­Ctrl+X To Upper Case

Eclipse Search

CTRL+S­HIFT+T Search and open type
Shift+­Ctrl+K Find P­revious
Shift+­Ctrl+P Go to Mat­chi­ng ­Bracket
Shift+­Ctr­l+Down Go to Nex­t M­ember
Ctrl+H Open Search Dialog
Shift+­Ctrl+G References in Workspace

Eclipse Window

Ctrl+F6 Next E­ditor
Ctrl+F8 Next P­ers­pective
Ctrl+F7 Next View
Shift+­Ctrl+F6 Previous Editor
Shift+­Ctrl+F8 Previous Perspe­ctive
Ctrl+F10 Show Ruler Context Menu
Alt+­ Show System Menu

Eclipse EDIT

Alt+/ Content Assist
CTRL + / Commen­t/U­nco­mment lines
Shift+­Ctrl+K Find P­revious
Ctrl+J Increm­ental Find
Shift+­Ctrl+J Increm­ental Find R­everse
Ctrl+1 Quick Fix

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