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Subnet Table For IPv4 Cheat Sheet by danh

Subnet Table For IPv4. Expands on "Network Lesson Cheat Sheet by monsieur_h"

Subnet Range - Class A

TypeHostsNetm­askHex Value
/12048 M128.­0.00
/21024 M192.0.0.0C0.00.0­0.00
/3512 M224.0.0.0E0.00.0­0.00
/4256 M240.0.0.0F0.00.0­0.00
/5128 M248.0.0.0F8.00.0­0.00
/664 M252.0.0.0FC.00.0­0.00
/732 M254.0.0.0FE.00.0­0.00
/816 M255.0.0.0FF.00.0­0.00

Subnet Range - Class B

TypeHostNetm­askHex Value
/98 M255.12­8.0.0FF.80.0­0.00
/104 M255.19­2.0.0FF.C0.0­0.00
/112 M255.22­4.0.0FF.E0.0­0.00
/121024 K255.24­0.0.0FF.F0.0­0.00
/13512 K255.24­8.0.0FF.F8.0­0.00
/14256 K255.25­2.0.0FF.FC.0­0.00
/15128 K255.25­4.0.0FF.FE.0­0.00
/1664 K255.25­5.0.0FF.FF.0­0.00

Subnet Range - Class C

TypeHostsNetm­askHex Value
/1732 K255.25­5.128.0FF.FF.8­0.00
/1816 K255.25­5.192.0FF.FF.C­0.00
/198 K255.25­5.224.0FF.FF.E­0.00
/204 K255.25­5.240.0FF.FF.F­0.00
/212 K255.25­5.248.0FF.FF.F­8.00
/221 K255.25­5.252.0FF.FF.F­C.00

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DaveChild DaveChild, 08:07 18 Jan 12

Very handy, thanks. I'm always forgetting these when working with IPTables :)

Pete Pete, 13:35 13 Feb 14

Nice format. I would suggest as a possible addition the list of the RFC 1918 addresses in there too (10,x.x.x, 192.168.x.x, etc) because i always forget the other non-routable IP addresses I can use in a lab environment, and EVERYbody uses 10.x.x.x on their intranets.

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