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Willy, Willy, Harry, Ste by DaveChild

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A poem to help you remember the monarchs in order.

This content, Willy, Willy, Harry, Ste, was created on 13th January, 2011 and was last updated on 15th April, 2014.

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Willy, Willy, Harry, Ste

Willy, Willy, Harry, Ste,
Harry, Dick, John, Harry three,
One, two, three Neds, Richard two,
Henries four, five, six – then who?
Edwards four, five, Dick the bad,
Harries twain and Ned the lad,
Mary, Bessie, James the vain,
Charlie, Charlie, James again,
William & Mary, Anna Gloria,
Four Georges, William and Victoria,
Edward, George, then Ned the eighth
quickly goes and abdica­t’th,
leaving George, then Liz the second,
and with Charlie next it’s reckoned.