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Search Engines Cheat Sheet by deepernetorg

A helpful guide to Web Search Engines

Standard Search Engines

Crawler basedcrawls Web pages to build lists of words that are then indexed and stored into a searchable database
ExamplesGoogle, Bing, Yandex

Purpose of a search engine

For the same reason you need a card catalogue in a library, people use a search engine when browsing the Web. There is a lot of great and useful inform­ation but when it is not physically possible to examine all sources person­ally, a search engine assists the resesa­rcher in sifting through the near endless and constantly changing inform­ation on the Web.

Search Engine Features

Refi­nem­ent supportability to use Boolean, Phrase, and Field searching
Wild Card (Tru­nca­tion) suportability to subsitute part of a word or a whole word with the " * "
Stemming supportability to find variants of terms such as, tense, plural & singular form
Size of data­basehow large the search engine's database is
feel and *lookunclut­tered and easy to use interface

These are only a few features of search engines.


Search Filtersfilter out inappr­opirate content
Number of resultshow many dispayed per page (SERP)
Instant searchpredic­ations while you type
Where results opennew tab? same tab? new window?
Lang­uageability to translate

Your search engine may have many other custom­ization options, however, these seem to be standard among the majority.

Math Calculation/Conversion support

+addition, 978+­456
-subtra­ction, 978-­456
*multip­lic­ation, 978*­456
/division, 978/­456
convertconvert 2 miles to inches
^raise to a power of, 237^3

Phrase your query

Check your keyw­ordsput more important terms in the begining
Forget about caseuse all lower case (excluding Boolean operators)
Avoid stop wordscommon stop words include: a, are, as, be, for, has, that, will, was, to, is, it...
Use refi­nem­ents alone or in combin­ation with othersBoolean operators, Phrase searching, Field searching

Advanced Search Features

term1 AND term2returns results that include both query terms
term1 OR term2returns results that include either of two query terms
+ termresults must INCLUDE the term
- termresults must EXCLUDE the term
" this is a phrase "returns results that include the exact phrase
inurl: termreturns results that include the term in the Web page URL
file­type: document extension (pdf, doc)returns results that are only the specified document type

Instant Answers

Get a mapmap portland or
Get local weather forcastweat­her 71115
Define a termdefine onamonapia
Get movie showtimesshow­times 71111
Find area gas pricesgas 71047
Learn sports scorespackers scores
See current market data for a given company or fundenter stock ticker, e.g. goog (for Google)
See he time in many cities around the worldtime london
Find precise times of sunrises and sunsetssunr­ise new york

Not all search engines support instant answers or the same ones.


MetaSearch Engines

Search toolsends user request to other search engines then displays the results in a single list
ExamplesDogPile, MetaCr­awler, Mamma

Sites to explore

provides tips and inform­ation about searching the web and analysis of the search engine industry
search engine syntax, advanced search engine features, filtering results
website and blog about filter bubbling, what search engines are hiding from you
intern­ational directory of search engines across 314 countries, since 1998
news and inform­ation site covering search engine marketing, searching issues and the search engine industry
connect with industry profes­sionals to learn about and discuss topics


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