Gmail Navigation

Back to threadlist (or refresh thread­list) u
Newer / older conver­sation k / j
Open conver­sation ; collap­se/­expand o or Enter
Read pr­evious / next message p / n
Go to next inbox section `
Go to previous inbox section ~

Gmail Jumping

Open Inbox g then i
Open St­arred conver­sations g then s
Open Sent messages g then t
Open Drafts g then d
Open All messages g then a
Open Co­ntacts g then c
Go to Buzz g then b
Go to label g then l
Go to Tasks g then k

Gmail Threadlist selection

select all conver­sations * then a
deselect all conver­sations * then n
select read conver­sations * then r
select unread conver­sations * then u
select st­arred conver­sations * then s
select unsarred conver­sations * then t

Gmail Tips and tricks

Press u to refresh the threadlist
For multi selection, select a conver­sation then shift­+click another one to select all the conver­sations in between
Add EOM (end of message) in the subject to avoid the no-tex­t-i­n-body warning

Gmail Application

co­mpose c
compose with cc added d
compose with cc and bcc added b
search /
focus chat contact search q
open shortcut help ?

Gmail Search syntax

From from:[arg]
To to:[arg]
Label label:­[arg]
Subject subjec­t:[arg]
Doesn't contain -[arg]
Has attachment has:at­tac­hment
Attachment filename filena­me:­[fi­lename]
Before (date) before­:20­11/­11/20
After (date) after:­201­1/11/20
OR operator from:annie OR from:david
Mailing lists list:[arg]
Group words subjec­t:(­word1 word2)
Search in all boxes (except spam & trash) in:any­where
Search in a specific box in:trash in:inbox in:spam
Search specific messages is:starred is:read is:unread
Search in chats is:chat
Search for copy recipients cc:[arg] bcc:[arg]

[arg] can be a word, or an email adress
[filename] can be a filename or a part of a filename


Gmail Actions

move focus to toolbar ,
select conver­sation x
rotate superstar s
remove label y
archive e
ignore conver­sation m
report as spam !
open mov­e-to menu v
move to trash #
reply r
reply in a new window Shift+r
reply all a
reply all in a new window Shift+a
fo­rward f
fo­rward in a new window Shift+f
update conver­sation Shift+n
send mail Tab then Enter
focus last chat mole Esc
remove and go previous / next ] / [
archive and go previous / next } / {
undo last action z
open more actions menu .
open labels menu l
mark as read Shift+i
mark as unread Shift+u
mark unread from the selected message _
save draft Ctrl+s
mark as important + or =
mark as not important -
like / unlike buzz Shift+l
sneak peek h
make a phone call g then p
launch Old Snakey &
add conver­sation to tasks Shift+t

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wattslevi wattslevi, 10:02 28 Nov 11

Cool sheet. Thanks for sharing.

DaveChild DaveChild, 10:02 28 Nov 11

Great cheat sheet, fred! Lots of useful info. I use gmail, and I had no idea about most of these shortcuts.

danh danh, 10:02 28 Nov 11

I agree. These are all new to me!

fredv fredv, 10:02 28 Nov 11

I have modified the order : now shortcut keys is at the right.. I think it's better like that

Drillerly Drillerly, 07:03 7 Dec 11

hi there i am fresh member here so i simply just need to launch me personally as well as say hola

ryanh ryanh, 08:57 26 Feb 14

Is there a shortcut for "Go to Category"? Ever since Gmail switched to using categories recently, the "Go to label" shortcut doesn't work for categories.

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