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Google Analytics UTM Parameters (v2) Cheat Sheet by Jay Taylor

A guide to the parameters sent with all requests to Google Analytics via __utm.gif

Hit / Campaign Parameters

utmacAccount ID (e.g. UA-123­456-1)
utmccAnalytics Cookie string
utmcnNew campaign visit?
utmcrRepeat campaign visit?
utmdtPage title
utmpPage path
utmrFull referral URL

utmcc contains the combined strings of the __utma and __utmz Google Analytics cookies. This string is URL encoded.

The utmcn and utmcr parameters never appear in the same request and both only appear with a value of '1'.

Enviro­nment Parameters

utmcsCharacter set (e.g. ISO-88­59-1)
utmflFlash version
utmipIP address
utmjeJava enabled? (1 = yes, 0 = no)
utmscScreen colour depth (e.g. 24-bit)
utmsrScreen resolution
utmulLanguage code (e.g. en-us)
utmvpViewport resolution

The utmip property can be anonymized by removing the last octet.

Event / Custom Variable Parameters

utmeExtensible parameter
utmniNon-in­ter­action event

utme can contain data for Event, Custom Variable and Page Load Time tracking requests.


e-Commerce Parameters (Trans­act­ions)

utmtciBilling City
utmtcoBilling Country
utmtrgBilling Region
utmtidOrder ID
utmtstAffili­ation / Store name
utmtspShipping cost
utmttoOrder Total (inc. tax and shipping)
utmttxTax cost

The utmtid order ID must be unique for each order, otherwise Google Analytics will group multiple transa­ctions under a single entry. All monetary fields should be filled in without a currency symbol, e.g.: 12.50

e-Commerce Parameters (Items)

utmtidOrder ID
utmipcProduct code / SKU
utmipnProduct name
utmiprProduct price
utmivaProduct category / variation

The utmtid order ID parameter must match the one used in the _addTr­ans() call this item belongs to, otherwise it will not be associated with the order correctly.

Social Parameters

utmsaSocial action (e.g. 'share', 'tweet')
utmsidSocial destin­ation (optional)
utmsnSocial network name

These values are sent by _track­Social requests only.


Internal Parameters

utmhidHit ID, random number
utmnRandom ID to prevent gif caching
utmsRequests made this session (max. 500)
utmtRequest type (e.g. 'event', 'tran' etc...)
utmuClient usage / Error data (encoded)
utmvidVisitor ID
utmwvTracking code version
guidSend Globally Unique Identifier

utms increments with each successive request made for the current session. After 500, hits will be ignored.

The guid parameter is used as part of creating the Visitor ID and the guid­=on parameter is typically sent by the mobile version of the Google Analytics tracking code.

Cookie string values

utmcsrCampaign source
utmccnCampaign name
utmcmdCampaign medium
utmctrCampaign term / key phrase
utmcctCampaign content

These values are not sent as parame­ters, but are encoded into the utmcc cookie string that is sent as a parameter in utm.gif requests. These values are contained in the __utmz campaign cookie and will not be sent if this cookie is not present.

utmcc also contains data from the visitor cookie, __utma.


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ketav ketav, 15:44 9 May 12

Thanks only comprehensive list i found on this date

Yehoshua Coren Yehoshua Coren, 18:22 17 May 12

This is great! Thanks, Jay.

Yehoshua Coren Yehoshua Coren, 08:56 20 May 12

This is great.

Nathan Cocks Nathan Cocks, 08:58 20 May 12

Bless your cotton socks!

Stunned that Google doesn't have a cheat sheet like this, thankfully you recognised the need when they didn't. Huge thanks.

Gabriel Harper Gabriel Harper, 13:08 4 Oct 12

Awesome!! Thanks.

Ygor Ygor, 14:37 21 Dec 12

Nice post.

How can I pass the parameter "gclid" received from an AdWords' link to Google Analytics manually. Which of the parameters you listed above should I use?

Tim Leighton-Boyce Tim Leighton-Boyce, 11:18 2 Jan 13

Full marks for doing this. Thank you.

Scott Olivares Scott Olivares, 16:28 5 Apr 13

Awesome post Jay! So helpful!

Julien Coquet Julien Coquet, 13:54 11 Apr 13

Hi, sorry to be a party pooper but this all becomes obsolete once you switch to Universal Analytics later this year ;-(

Matthias Matthias, 14:55 13 Feb 14

So what are the __utma and __utmz parameters? They're referenced (as Google Analytics cookies), but not defined here (what are they for?). Otherwise this is an amazing resource, many thanks.

Dudeguy Somebody Dudeguy Somebody, 13:08 30 Apr 14

While its far easier to search and find this page, Google does have a page to describe these (which is likelly subject to change or disappear at any time without notice, given Google's mercurial maintenance of GA docs)

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