Viewport Navigation

Toggle Wirefr­ame­/Smooth F3
Edged Faces F4
Show Grids G
Show Safe Frames Shift & F
Show Selection Brackets J
Shade Selected Faces F2
Show Statistics 7
Camera View C
Perspe­ctive View P
Front View F

Viewport Controls

Pan Middle Mouse
Orbit Alt & Middle Mouse
Zoom Ctrl, Alt & Middle Mouse
Maximize Viewport Alt & W
Zoom on Selection Z
Undo Operation Shift & Z
Redo Operation Shirft & Y

Walkthrough Mode

Forward W
Back S
Up E
Down C
Accelerate Q
Increase Step Size ]
Decrease Step Size [

Transform Tools

Move W
Rotate E
Scale R
Gizmo Size Up =
Gizmo Size Down -
Show Gizmo X
Snaps S
Angle Snap A
Restrict to X F5
Restrict to Y F6
Restrict to Z F7
Restrict to XY-YZ-ZX F8

Editable Poly

Vertex 1
Edge 2
Border 3
Polygon 4
Element 5
Object 6


Select Tool, Cycle Modes Q
Select from scene H
Slelect All Ctrl & A
Select None Ctrl & D
Clone Ctrl & V
Expert Mode Ctrl & X
Undo Ctrl & Z
Redo Ctrl & Y
Material Editor M
Render Last F9


Play/Pause /
Prev/Next Frame <> or , .
Go to First/Last Home/End
Key Mode '
Set Key K
Autokey N

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DaveChild DaveChild, 10:02 28 Nov 11

Great cheat sheet, mollick2!

Lisandro Lisandro, 10:38 3 Dec 11

One for Maya 2012 would also be great!

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