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VLC Keyboard Shortcuts (Windows & OS X) Cheat Sheet by shaunumb

Useful keyboard shortcuts for OS X and Windows. Did you know you can easily re-sync audio and subtitles?

VLC - Frequently Used

f | ⌘+fFullscreen
v | sSubtitles cycle/off
b | lAudio track cycle
Ctrl+Up / Ctrl+Down | ⌘+Up / ⌘+DownVolume
Ctrl+o | ⌘+oOpen Single file(s)

VLC - Mouse actions

Double clickFullscreen
ScrollVolume or Position (see settings)
Right clickLocal menu (play controls, audio/­video)

VLC - Navigation

Ctrl+t | ⌘+jGoto | jump to time
Shift+­Lef­t/Right | ⌘+Ctrl­+Le­ft/­RightVery short jump – 3 secs
Alt+Le­ft/­Right | ⌘+Alt+­Lef­t/RightShort jump – 10 secs
Ctrl+L­eft­/Right | ⌘+Shif­t+L­eft­/RightMedium jump – 1 min
Ctrl+A­lt+­Lef­t/Right | ⌘+Alt+­Shi­ft+­Lef­t/RightLong jump
eNext frame
n | ⌘+RightNext in playlist
p | ⌘+LeftCurrent from beginn­ing­/Pr­evious in playlist

VLC - Browsing & Playback Adjustments

Ctrl+d | ⌘+dOpen disc menu
Ctrl+f | no equivalentOpen folder (browse folder menu)
Ctrl+r or Ctrl+s | ⌘+Shift+oAdvanced open file
Ctrl+o | ⌘+oOpen single file(s)
m | ⌘+alt+DownMute and unmute audio
s | ⌘+pStop movie
EscExit full screen mode
+ | ⌘+=Faster
- | ⌘+.Slower
= | not set by defaultNormal
aAspect ratio
cCrop screen
g/h | j/hIncrease or decrease subtitle delay
j/k | g/fIncrease or decrease audio delay
zChange zoom mode
Ctrl+1, Ctrl+2, Ctrl+3, Ctrl+4 | no equivalentRecent media (in Media - Recent media menu)
tShow time
r | ⌘+rRandom

Manage VLC

Ctrl+h | no equivalentHide / unhide controls
Ctrl+p | ⌘+,Prefer­ences/ interface settings
Ctrl+e | ⌘+eAdjust­ments and audio/­video effects
Ctrl+b | ⌘+bEdit bookmarks
Ctrl+m | ⌘+Shift+mOpen messages
Ctrl+n | ⌘+nOpen network
Ctrl+c | ⌘+rOpen capture device
Ctrl+l | ⌘+Shift+pOpen playlist
Ctrl+y | ⌘+sSave playlist
Ctrl+i or Ctrl+j | ⌘+iMedia inform­ation
Alt+a | no equivalentOpen audio menu
Alt+h | no equivalentOpen help menu
Alt+m | no equivalentOpen media menu
Alt+p | ⌘+Shift+pOpen playlist menu
Alt+t | no equivalentOpen tool menu
Alt+v | no equivalentOpen video menu
Alt+l | no equivalentOpen playback menu
d | no equivalent (right click in playlist and select Reveal in Finder)Show movie path
F1 | no equivalentShow Help
F11 | no equivalentWindow full-s­creen (not equal to pressing F)
Alt+f4, alt+q or ctrl+q | ⌘+qQuit VLC

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DaveChild DaveChild, 10:12 23 Jan 12

Great cheat sheet Shaun! I'm always forgetting the shortcuts for the audio syncing.

David David, 12:50 22 Nov 12

Awesome cheatsheet. I stumbled upon another similar cheatsheet a few days back :
It looks more complete that this one.

Mike Mike, 07:43 29 Apr 13

You have stop listed as Command+P, when it is Command+.
You have slower listed as Command+. when it is Command+-

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