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1 Page
A look at the available paramters for the Total Commander button bar
30 Dec 12
1 Page
screen commands survival guide. Sorted by usefulness.
3 Pages
rsync is a file transfer program capable of efficient remote update via a fast differencing algorithm.
27 Mar 12
linux, command, rsync, file, line and 1 more ...
1 Page
Bash Linux Command Line Keyboard Shortcuts. Reference:
2 Pages
Comprehensive VIM Cheat Sheet information sourced from:
1 Page
Shortcuts for bash shell.
2 Pages
Shortcuts for Android Activity Manager (am)
4 Mar 13
command, manager, android, activity, am and 1 more ...
2 Pages
How to use the Android Package Manager (pm)
5 Mar 13
commands, manager, android, package, pm and 1 more ...
1 Page
Summary of Total Commandor shortcuts
31 Mar 14
keyboard, windows, file, manager, commander and 3 more ...
3 Pages
Podstawowe zagadnienia dotyczące użytkowania edytora tekstu VIM (VI).Plik stworzony przez Artura Oczkowskiego.
2 Pages
Vim + plugins (ctrlp, surround,gundo)
1 Page
A list of commands for my vim plugins and terminal
Terminal commands for modes and controls, inserting text, cursor navigation, deleting text, searching and replacing.
Basic commands, focusing especially on file management; learn how to combine commands

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