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Cheat Sheets

1 Page
A look at the available paramters for the Total Commander button bar
30 Dec 12
1 Page
screen commands survival guide. Sorted by usefulness.
3 Pages
rsync is a file transfer program capable of efficient remote update via a fast differencing algorithm.
27 Mar 12
linux, command, rsync, file, line and 1 more ...
1 Page
Bash Linux Command Line Keyboard Shortcuts. Reference:
2 Pages
Comprehensive VIM Cheat Sheet information sourced from:
1 Page
Shortcuts for bash shell.
2 Pages
Shortcuts for Android Activity Manager (am)
4 Mar 13
command, manager, android, activity, am and 1 more ...
2 Pages
How to use the Android Package Manager (pm)
5 Mar 13
commands, manager, android, package, pm and 1 more ...
1 Page
Summary of Total Commandor shortcuts
31 Mar 14
keyboard, windows, file, manager, commander and 3 more ...
3 Pages
Podstawowe zagadnienia dotyczące użytkowania edytora tekstu VIM (VI).Plik stworzony przez Artura Oczkowskiego.
2 Pages
Vim + plugins (ctrlp, surround,gundo)
1 Page
A list of commands for my vim plugins and terminal
1 Page
Commands for Midnight Commander (mc)
9 Nov 14
linux, file, midnight, commander, mc and 2 more ...
Terminal commands for modes and controls, inserting text, cursor navigation, deleting text, searching and replacing.
Basic commands, focusing especially on file management; learn how to combine commands

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