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A quick reference guide for CSS, listing selector syntax, properties, units and other useful bits of information.
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jQuery Mobile: Touch-Optimized Web Framework for Smartphones & Tablets
4 Apr 12
css, html5, jquery, mobile, tablet and 1 more ...
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A lightweight semantic grid framework for Sass and Bourbon.
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einfache Übersicht Cascading Style Sheets (CSS2.1)
29 Nov 12
css, web, beginner, css2-1, internet and 1 more ...
The CSS 2.1 Help Sheet covers Syntax, Font, Text, Margins, Padding, Border, Position, Background, List, Media Types and Keywords. The CSS 3 Help Sheet contains code snippets for Rounded Corners, Box Shadow, Multiple Columns, Text Shadow, RGBa, Font Face, Box Sizing, Box Resize, Outline and Gradients.
1 Mar 12
development, css, web, design, css3 and 1 more ...
This Reference Sheet was created to emphasize the many options available within CSS, particularly for Typography.
The other day I got annoyed that I couldn't find a good printable cheat sheet of HTML/Hex/CSS/Octal character entities, so I coded my own in HTML for easy manipulation. Might be useful to someone else?
5 Apr 13
css, html, code, entity, character and 2 more ...
CSS selector and property support in 24 different email clients.
The Blueprint cheatsheet is a handy guide to all the classes used in Blueprint CSS.

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