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Math M03 Quiz #2 Cheat Sheet by

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FOIL Method

Factoring by Grouping

Find a 2 numbers whose sum is b and products of c

More factoring

1. 3xy-4x­-12y+16
2. x(3y-4) 4(3y-4)
*Between 1&2: factor first 2 terms and last 2 terms separately
Between 2&3: remove the numbers on the outside and put them in parent­hesis

Greatest common Factor

letters: each term has to have one
Numbers: the highest number all of terms can multiply into
letter­s:Chose the one with the lowest exponent

Complex Fractions

Simplify the numerator and the denomi­nator of the complex fraction so that each is a single fraction. Perform the indicated division by multip­lying the numerator of the complex fraction by the reciprocal of the denomi­nator of the complex fraction. Simplify if possible.

Solving with Scientific notation

separate between the operation for each term then solve each, then combine


Answ­er: 3.6x10-4

Special case Polyno­mials

1. (a+b)­2=­a+2­ab+b2
3. (A-B)­2=­A-2­AB+B2
2. Only applies to subtra­ction

Equations And Graphs

Equations and Graphs 2

MORE Factoring


Solving f(x)

Replace the x in the equation (next to the letter) with the equation that comes after the equal sign

Factoring Trinomials

Factoring trinomials 2

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