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Blog :: Multiple Page Cheat Sheets - Now With Page Breaking!

Our latest, simplified cheat sheet PDF generator has opened up some new possibilities for us!

The latest PDF builder, in addition to giving us a more simplified build process and black and white cheat sheets, has given us the chance to start unveiling some of the changes we've had in the works.

Today's change is a nice, simple one. Let's say you are building a cheat sheet, and you want it to be one download, but really it splits nicely into two sections. For example, maybe you're building a cheat sheet for your favourite band, and you want to add a calendar of upcoming events to it. But the calendar works best when it's on its own page ... and that's a problem! Or maybe your cheat sheet is splitting some content between two pages, but it's important that it remain on just one page. Or maybe you just like lots of whitespace on your cheat sheets!

Worry no more, fellow Cheatograper. We have added a new content type: Page Break!

Add a "Page Break" content block to your cheat sheet, and when the PDF is built, whatever follows the page break will start on a brand new page.

The "Page Break" blocks don't appear for normal viewers. They can be dragged and dropped and deleted, much the same as the other content blocks.

But that's not all! We've also added a second new content type: Column Break!

Much the same the the "Page Break", the "Column Break" content type forces the next content block to start in a new column.

With these new layout options, you get a little more control over how your cheat sheets are converted into PDFs. Enjoy!

Multiple Page Cheat Sheets - Now With Page Breaking! was posted on 2nd May, 2014.
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NatalieMoore NatalieMoore, 14:12 19 Feb 17

Great addition! Something I have wanted for ages. Thank you Dave

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