Cheatography Blog The Cheatography blog - cheat sheets, reviews and community news.5 Ways Cheatography Benefits Your BusinessIn our businesses, I think we'd all agree that our productivity goes up the more we can encourage and increase collaboration across our teams.

With so many how-to's out there describing ways increase collaboration, you'll be shocked by how you can easily improve your teams by simply building upon tools they already have.

Cheatography thrives on the notion of collaboration. While I'm just going to address the top 5 ways our cheat sheets can benefit your organization's productivity, there are countless more!

1. Collaboration

Without question the number one goal for you team should be to maximize collaboration across your organization. The next great idea for your company may be just an input away from someone else within your team! Each member of your organization has ideas about how to work through their normal processes, and likely has a cheat sheet for their process near their work area. Why does it need to reside just with them? Who says they got it 100% right or the best approach. By bringing all these great ideas into a common area, your teams can enhance EACH process resulting in far better, and common, practices for your team.

2. Efficiency

You don't need an MBA from an Ivy League school to know the effect efficiency has on your organization. The speed of competition, the rapidly changing environment, and the shortened turnaround time expectations of today's customers dictate a need to maximize your team's efficiency. Time wasted redoing efforts and understanding processes already solved within your team is wasted effort. Bringing all the cheat sheets out from the individuals and making them available throughout your team significantly reduces learning time and replication of effort.

3. Standardization

As the size of your team grows, so does the likelihood of the flock straying from standard practices. You don't want to squash innovation and force everyone to blindly follow practices that could be improved, but you do want your teams to function in a standard manner. Bringing all the processes out into cheat sheets will allow your teams to not only function in a similar fashion for every process, but also increase their opportunities to identify improvements. Once accepted, updated cheat sheets are lightning fast and will allow the entire team to move forward on the improved path at once!

4. Managerial Insight

As a manager, you are always searching for opportunities to gain insight into the team at the individual level. The larger the team, the more difficult it is for you to break out your top performers. By bringing your processes into a standardized, single repository like Cheatography, you'll be able to see which members are creating the sheets, which are using them, and which are actively suggesting and making improvements. Being able to gauge which members are taking ownership of the process and working to improve the organization is an important factor for any manager to know.

5. Branding

Cheatography is an online repository that is open for all. You aren't going to keep the recipe for making your secret sauce here, but you can keep all your helpful hints and potentially free products for download here for your customers and the world. You can create a standard format for all your products that aligns with your logo, brand, and message. Business can't have enough opportunities, especially free ones, to brand their name and share these products with the world. Cheatography is a free way to meet this goal while also giving your future clients insight into how your organization goes about your business of meeting their needs.

Several decades ago, before our world became so interconnected, holding onto your secrets was a well-recognized practice. Organizations clung to their methods and closely guarded these efforts to keep their edge. Today, though, the notion of isolation has led to the death of many organizations. Transparency, collaboration, and the idea-feeding frenzy that comes from peer-to-peer interaction, regardless of organizational affiliation, are well recognized strengthening elements of thriving organizations today. Scott Belsky, founder of Behance and author of "Making Ideas Happen" said it best in his book when he plainly stated, "Most ideas are born and lost in isolation." Don’t fall into that trap, let Cheatography help, where the only thing we cheat is your wasted time!

Did we miss a benefit to discuss? If so, please leave it in the comment section so all can be aware and discuss!

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Cheat Sheet Statistics with Google Analytics!Building cheat sheets is fun, but the best bit is setting your work being downloaded around the world. At the moment, you can see which countries your cheat sheet PDFs are being downloaded from, but we wanted to give you more!

So, we have added a new gizmo to the site. You can now link your Google Analytics profile to Cheatography account, and harness all of the power of Google to see where your cheat sheets are being downloaded from and who is linking to them from other websites!

How To Add Google Analytics To Your Profile

To get started, you'll need a Google Analytics account (which is free - thanks Google!).

You'll need to create a new property, to be able to track cheat sheet downloads properly. If this is your first Google Analytics property, you'll be prompted to set up an account. If not, you'll need to click on "Admin", then ...

Your Account Name can be anything you like, and we'd suggest "Cheatography". The Website Name can also be anything you like, and we'd suggest "Username Cheat Sheets" (replacing "Username" with your username, of course).

The Website URL should be "". The Industry Category can be anything again, but "Computers and Electronics" is pretty close to appropriate. And finally, the timezone can be whatever you like (probably best to use the timezone where you are ...).

You might be asked to accept the Terms of Service, but eventually you should make it to a page that looks a bit like this:

If so, congratulations! You've set up your Google Analytics account correctly. Now, make a note of your Tracking ID. It looks something like this: UA-1234567-1.

Don't worry, we're almost finished. Next, visit your Edit Profile page on Cheatography (you can find it by clicking on your username, then "Edit Profile" at the top of the page).

Type your Tracking ID into the Google Analytics ID field, and save your changes:

That's it! Your should start to see tracking information for your downloads appear pretty quickly. The "Real Time" view is particularly addictive!

Let us know if you have any problems getting started!

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Multiple Page Cheat Sheets - Now With Page Breaking!The latest PDF builder, in addition to giving us a more simplified build process and black and white cheat sheets, has given us the chance to start unveiling some of the changes we've had in the works.

Today's change is a nice, simple one. Let's say you are building a cheat sheet, and you want it to be one download, but really it splits nicely into two sections. For example, maybe you're building a cheat sheet for your favourite band, and you want to add a calendar of upcoming events to it. But the calendar works best when it's on its own page ... and that's a problem! Or maybe your cheat sheet is splitting some content between two pages, but it's important that it remain on just one page. Or maybe you just like lots of whitespace on your cheat sheets!

Worry no more, fellow Cheatograper. We have added a new content type: Page Break!

Add a "Page Break" content block to your cheat sheet, and when the PDF is built, whatever follows the page break will start on a brand new page.

The "Page Break" blocks don't appear for normal viewers. They can be dragged and dropped and deleted, much the same as the other content blocks.

But that's not all! We've also added a second new content type: Column Break!

Much the same the the "Page Break", the "Column Break" content type forces the next content block to start in a new column.

With these new layout options, you get a little more control over how your cheat sheets are converted into PDFs. Enjoy!

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Love Pinterest? You'll Love Our Huge New Thumbnails!Plenty of you are already using Pinterest to share your favourite cheat sheets and show off your creations. If you have a moment, check out all of the pins from!

Unfortunately, the old cheat sheet thumbnails didn't exactly set Pinterest alight - too small, and too undetailed to be of any use. So, we've made gigantic new thumbnails! Whenever you share a cheat sheet on Pinterest, these images will be used by default. Enjoy!

Out With The Old ...

... and In With the New!

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An Easter SurpriseBack in February, we unveiled a raft of changes to Cheatography, including a new PDF builder. Cheatography has been, since it was first launched, a site to make building your own references easy and quick, and hopefully for each reference to be easily printable and usable. PDFs make printing and portability easier, which is why they're integral to Cheatography.

Unfortunately, building PDFs isn't always easy. Cheat sheets have nested tables, weirdly long columns, wide pieces of text, images and much more. Over the last few years we've worked through every PDF builder going, and written a couple ourselves, trying to get the PDFs just right.

In February we unveiled a new builder which was pretty close to right. Or so we thought. It handled long PDFs over multiple pages better than anything we'd tried before, and what it produced was ridiculously crisp, beautiful documents. Lovely.

The builder it replaced was pretty close too (that's why we've had two versions of every PDF here since then - some cheat sheets were better with the first builder, and some with the second). But its biggest problem was that it couldn't split long cheat sheets into multiple pages very well. We'd get the top half of a line of text on one page, and the bottom on the next page. Not good!

Since we launched the new builder, though, there have been more and more problems becoming apparent. Characters in various language character sets (for example, Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Arabic characters) were not handled well (usually just missing). Image support wasn't quite good enough. You couldn't copy and paste text out of the PDFs.

Perhaps worst of all, the new builder meant maintaining two sets of code for cheat sheet rendering - one for PDFs and one for the website. Any change in one had to be replicated in the other, and that has rarely been straightforward.

However, the new PDF process involved adding lots of new tools to our build systems. We had new line wrapping calculators and a system to work out the heights of boxes once they were rendered. That meant that we have been able to slowly work on improving the old PDF builder behind the scenes, aiming to resolve the pagination problems it had. Over the last couple of weeks, the old PDF builder has overtaken the new PDF builder in terms of quality.

With it being so much easier to maintain, it seems that there is no longer any need to use two PDF builders. So, we have retired the LaTeX builder (although you can still download the LaTeX document and build those PDFs yourself if you like).

As an added bonus, every cheat sheet now is also available to download in a black and white version.

That's it for this round of changes, and there's plenty more to come soon!

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Cheatography, An Overdue OverhaulI've been slack. No blog post for over a year? Inexcusable. Though, if I were to try to make an excuse, I'd be tempted to show off what I've been working on instead - an almost entirely upgraded version of Cheatography!

The previous version of the site had a great many flaws. PDFs were very ropey, especially when it came to pagination. And I'd always hoped to have more than just HTML and PDF versions available. The design was clunky and overcrowded. Building a cheat sheet was laborious and disjointed. Still, though, you wonderful people came and built or shared cheat sheets, and there are now nearly 300 of them. 300! You're awesome, that's what you are.

I can't help but be sucked in by that kind of enthusiasm. So, I set to work fixing things. I'd intended to start with the PDFs, and release changes gradually. However, one thing led to another, and I couldn't very well launch new PDFs without fixing the builder, and if I was fixing the builder I really should look at the design, and a new design means new pages and ... down the rabbit hole I went.

After many iterations, PDF experiments, design changes, layout arguments, tests and late-night coding sessions, the new version is ready to use. It's not perfect, or finished, or in some places even functional - but it is better than the old version, so time to unwrap it and tell you what's new!

New Look

First, and most obvious - Cheatography has had a facelift. I've aimed to clean up the interface and make it more pleasant to use. The previous design had a lot of clutter and it was difficult to know where to go or where to look for specific things. Here are the highlights of what's changed:

  • The old sidebar is gone. In some sections, there is no sidebar at all. Where there is a sidebar, it's specific to the section you're in.
  • The dropdown navigation is gone. It wasn't quite right, though it may make a comeback in the future. We have new, shiny sub-section navigation at the top of each page instead. One dropdown has been saved, for the account links.
  • The stock photos for each topic section are gone, replaced with useful text links and funky icons.
  • The homepage is reorganised, focusing better on the latest content.
  • The Explore section has been revamped and there are new ways to find cheat sheets.
  • The Community page has been improved as well, pulling in recent activity here, on Twitter and on Facebook, as well as highlighting users who are posting great content.
  • Profile pages have been cleaned up and gently reorganised.
  • The help section has had a minor upgrade, with more changes on the way soon.
  • The site forms have had a complete overhaul. They are shorter, cleaner and smarter, checking what you type as you go.

New Favourites Page

One of my personal favourite upgrades is the new favourites page. You can now filter your favourites by their tags, and your filters are saved on your computer, so you can bookmark the page and keep your most-used cheat sheets right at your fingertips.

Facebook Page

We have a new Facebook page, where we post occasional minor bits of news, and we will be linking to new and interesting cheat sheets from there, so come and say hello!

New PDFs

Perhaps the biggest change is that we have all new PDFs. These are built using LaTeX (LuaLaTeX, specifically), and this has meant we are now handling pagination much better than before - no more cheat sheets with half a line of content on one page and half on the next page!

You might also notice that the new PDFs are far crisper (much less blurry text), which is a result of the new building process. I've been printing two pages to a single side of A4 and they are still easy to read. They're also smaller file sizes, mostly.

The new PDF builder doesn't handle unusual characters as well as the old system, and there are still a few bugs in the layout system (the odd gap at the top of a page, and very rarely a block overlapping the footer), but for the most part the new PDFs are a major improvement, and give us plenty of opportunity for future improvements.

More Downloads

Some of you may prefer the older PDFs, so those are still being generated, and are available to download for all cheat sheets. The TeX file used to generate the cheat sheets is available too, with more download options coming soon (JSON first). You can use these to create your own versions of cheat sheets, or to integrate a cheat sheet into an app or website.

Please note that I may at some point introduce an HTTP authorisation system to download some formats if they are experiencing heavy use - if you are thinking about building an app using one of these formats, drop me an email and I can let you know what sort of changes are likely to affect your work later.

We're looking to add more formats here, such as a Large Print PDF for people who want something easier to read.

New Cheat Sheet Builder!

The cheat sheet builder has been re-arranged. Blocks are now tightly linked to their cheat sheets, and building is a little more intuitive. There are plenty more changes to come in this area, so please let us know what you'd like us to change.

Cheatography Cheat Sheet

I'm still stunned I didn't make one of these sooner - a cheat sheet for making cheat sheets! It shows the block types with a few useful tips and tricks for making great cheat sheets.

New Person!

Well, more like two new people. My lovely wife Lindsay, also known as SpaceDuck, and I had a son, Henry, in early February of last year (one of the many reasons I've been distracted!). You might have noticed a few baby-related cheat sheets from her. She's going to be getting more involved in Cheatography, helping me keep on top of support, and offering her help around the site. Feel free to email her to say hello!

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Now Accepting Requests!Not everybody has the time or knowledge to put together the cheat sheet they would really be able to use. So, to give everyone the chance to shout about the cheat sheets the most want to see, Cheatography now has a requests system!

Check it out to add your own requests, or support requests you would like to see turned into cheat sheets.

A Few Ideas ...

The old request system at Added Bytes ran for a few months, and there were some very popular requests. So, if you're looking for ideas for requests or cheat sheets, try some of these:

  • jQuery
  • Javascript v2
  • AJAX
  • CSS Browser Support
  • C#
  • Ubuntu
  • Java
  • MySQL v2
  • C++
  • .NET
  • SEO
  • Ruby
  • Perl
  • French
  • Actionscript
  • Chess
  • PostgreSQL
  • Python
  • Subversion
  • Joomla 1.5
  • Google Maps API
  • SQL
  • CakePHP
  • Django
  • prototype
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Announcing Live Content!Way down here in the Cheatography code mines, the search is constantly afoot for new types of content to add to cheat sheets (recent additions include Bar Charts and Plain Text).

One of the content types we've been working on is one that provides a mechanism for cheat sheets to be updated from a file held on another server - and that is "Live Content".

What is "Live Content"?

Live Content is content which is updated from an external source. Instead of you having to come to Cheatography and update a block of content every time something changes, you can tell Cheatography to visit a special URL that contains content (in a format it understands), and it will do the rest.

How does it work?

When creating a content block, you select "Live Content" as the content type. You then enter the URL of your content. The URL can be a static file that you update manually, or a script (like PHP, Python or ASP) that generates the content on demand (example PHP scripts are available on GitHub).

The URL will need to return data formatted in a way that Cheatography understands - at the moment, that is a JSON array.

Cheatography will collect the file quickly after you update the content settings, and about once an hour after that. Changes should appear immediately after the file is collected.

What can it be used for?

It's great for any information which changes often. So far, we're using it for these types of frequently-changing data:

  • League tables
  • Sports fixtures and results
  • Localised travel and weather
  • News headlines
  • Stock market prices and changes
  • Odds
  • TV schedules

It's also excellent for managing data remotely, so you could use it to pull data out of another system (like a CMS or database):

  • A company could use it to add staff phone extension numbers to a cheat sheet from their internal HR system
  • A developer could use it to provide an API cheat sheet directly from their own API documentation

What formatting does it support?

At the moment, it supports basic columns (one to four columns). We hope to add support for more data types later. Text formatting is supported as with normal content blocks.

How do I get started?

Out Live Content help page is the best place to get started. There is also sample code available for live content on GitHub.

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January Review and Competition Winner!2012 is off to a tremendous start, with a huge influx of new members and cheat sheets. The competition prompted the building of lots of great web dev cheat sheets, and I can't wait to start the next competition now!

What's New?

There was just one major change in January - the addition of Live Content (more info here). I'll give live content a proper introduction in a blog post shortly, but the brief explanation is that it is content you host on your own server, that Cheatography collects and adds to cheat sheets.

It's great for any information which changes often, and is quite easy to set up for even beginner coders. There is some sample code available for live content on GitHub.

New Cheat Sheets!

January was a productive month, with a brilliant, almost unbelievable, 23 new cheat sheets, and 12,986 PDF downloads! Well done to everyone who made a cheat sheet!

Accounting Principles and Business Transactions Cheat Sheet
By thuhuong
On 31 Jan 12

Textbook Summary of Corporate Financial Accounting 10e, Ch 1, by Warren/Reeve/Duchac.

Tags: beginner, financial, accounting, review, summary
Nature of Business and Accounting Cheat Sheet
By thuhuong
On 30 Jan 12

Textbook Summary of Corporate Financial Accounting 10e, Ch 1, by Warren/Reeve/Duchac.

Tags: beginner, financial, accounting, review, summary
Six Nations 2012 Cheat Sheet
By DaveChild
On 30 Jan 12

Tags: france, rugby, union, england, six and more ...
Modules and Themes Listed in Drupal User's Guide Cheat Sheet
By emmajane
On 27 Jan 12

Modules and themes listed in Emma Jane Hogbin's book Drupal User's Guide.

Tags: drupal, modules
Drupal 6 Theme Variables Cheat Sheet
By emmajane
On 27 Jan 12

Drupal Version 6 Theme Variables for common (and core) tpl.php template files.

Tags: drupal
Drupal Theme Pre-launch Cheat Sheet
By emmajane
On 27 Jan 12

Everything you need to do before launching your Drupal theme. Useful for site builders who are creating public Web sites and themers who are selling their Drupal themes.

Tags: beginner, drupal, theme
VLC Keyboard Shortcuts (Windows & OS X) Cheat Sheet
By shaunumb
On 22 Jan 12

Useful keyboard shortcuts for OS X and Windows. Did you know you can easily re-sync audio and subtitles?

Tags: shortcuts, keyboard, vlc
Holidays / Vacations Cheat Sheet
By SpaceDuck
On 19 Jan 12

Everything you will need to enjoy a trip away from home.

Tags: make, regular, scrabble, screen, electronics and more ...
Yoga Poses Cheat Sheet
By Azat
On 18 Jan 12

Yoga poses cheat sheet

Tags: beginner, yoga
Subnet Table For IPv4 Cheat Sheet
On 14 Jan 12

Subnet Table For IPv4. Expands on "Network Lesson Cheat Sheet by monsieur_h"

Tags: network, subnet
First Aid Kit Cheat Sheet
By SpaceDuck
On 12 Jan 12

What you may need in a first aid kit or medicine kit for your home.

Tags: space, screen, syrup, cream, water and more ...
Objective-C Cheat Sheet
By alextgordon
On 10 Jan 12

Assumes "Automatic Reference Counting" (ARC) is enabled.

Tags: cocoa, objc, mac
Pregnancy - Hospital Bag Cheat Sheet
By SpaceDuck
On 10 Jan 12

Everything you will need to take to the hospital with you.

Tags: baby, hospital, bag, pregnancy, babies and more ...
4D - Developper Cheat Sheet
By monsieur_h
On 9 Jan 12

French cheat sheet for using 4D developpement language. (localized in french)

Tags: french, dev, 4d
Object Oriented Design Cheat Sheet
By david
On 9 Jan 12

A handy guide to the basic principles of Object Oriented Programming and Design. Covers standard and accepted principles, design patterns, and more! This is not intended to teach OOP, but as a reminder for those who already learned.

Tags: programming, advanced, oop
HAML Cheat Sheet
By specialbrand
On 5 Jan 12

A quick reference for HAML. See more information about HAML here:

Tags: development, frontend
Markdown Cheat Sheet
By specialbrand
On 4 Jan 12

Cheat sheet for Markdown. See for more info.

Tags: development, frontend
Wikipedia Cheat Sheet
By DaveChild
On 2 Jan 12

A cheat sheet for Wikipedia, including markup help.

Tags: wikipedia, markup

Member of the Month

The member of the month for January, with four great new cheat sheets (including one for making your own lotions!), is emmajane!

And finally ... the winner of the first Cheatography Competition!

The princely sum of $100 was up for grabs as a prize for the best new web development cheat sheet before the end of January, and there were some great contenders. Well done to everyone who entered! It was a tough choice, but after much deliberation and discussion ...

In 2nd place, and it was very, very close, was the excellent Object Oriented Design Cheat Sheet by David.

There can be only one winner, though, and it is the excellent HTTP Status Codes Cheat Sheet by kstep! Well done, kstep! A pile of shiny dollars will be winging its way to you shortly.

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December ReviewThe month of December was, as perhaps should be expected, a little quieter than November, at least for cheat sheet production (though great to see that January is storming ahead). Nevertheless, there were some great new cheat sheets as well as some new features and design changes.

What's New?

December saw a fair few changes, most of which were behind the scenes. Here's a roundup of what you might have missed:

  • A major bug was fixed to do with support for unicode characters.
  • There is a new email system (which you'll start to see as I move everything over from the old system).
  • You can now see who has favourited your cheat sheets!
  • Members no longer see the adverts.

Coming soon - cheat sheet requests, a "cheat screen", more changes to comments (including a long-overdue spam filter), new content types, cheat sheet stats and more!

New Cheat Sheets!

December saw 6 new cheat sheets, and 8,892 PDF downloads! Well done to everyone who made a cheat sheet!

Here they all are:

jQuery Cheat Sheet
By i3quest
On 24 Dec 11

List of common jQuery selectors. I had compiled this list a while ago into a word document but do not remember the source now.

Tags: development, web, design, beginner
CoffeeScript Cheat Sheet
By dimitrios
On 23 Dec 11

CoffeeScript cheat sheet compiled after following "CoffeeScript Koans" from sleepyfox

Tags: development, javascript, frontend, coffeescript
*nix users and groups Cheat Sheet
By CITguy
On 19 Dec 11

Common commands for administering users and groups on a *nix environment.

Tags: linux, unix, -nix, passwd, usermod and more ...
screen Cheat Sheet
By gissehel
On 11 Dec 11

screen commands survival guide. Sorted by usefulness.

Tags: screen, advanced
Network lesson Cheat Sheet
By monsieur_h
On 5 Dec 11

An useful cheat sheet for networking basics

Tags: network, osi, dev

Member of the Month

The member of the month for December, thanks to his bug reporting and continued work on his excellent Git cheat sheet, is ... samcollett! Thanks for all your hard work, Sam :)

It's a New Year!

And with a new year comes a new challenge - the first Cheatography competition! There's $100 up for grabs as a prize for the best new web development cheat sheet before the end of January! There are a few great entries so far, but plenty of time left for you to join in.

]]>, Jan 3 2012 7:39:00 +0000