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Intentional act of killing oneself
Suicidal thoughts are more common than suicide attempts
May Develop on a continuum
1) Suicidal ideation
2) Suicide gestures
3)Suicide attempts
4) Completed suicide

Primary Vulner­abi­lities

Intern­alized anger
Depression or mental illness
Alcoho­l/drug use
Primary orient­ation to the past - stuck on past events
Lack of belonging
Isolation and loneliness

Variables to Negate Suicide

Trust in self/o­thers
Capacity for intima­cy/love
Sense of belonging
Well-d­eve­loped future time perspe­ctive
Continuing of self

Suicidal Gestures

Take action toward harming themselves but not lethal
May be cry for help
ie. taking pills, superf­icial cuts to wrist

Psycho­social factors

History of early loss
Parental loss in childhood
Child abuse/neglect
Anniversary of loss
Negative Life Events
Recent bereav­ement, separation or divorce
Job loss
Release from psychi­atric facility
Recovery from schizo­phrenia or depressive episode
Decr­eased social supports
Increased isolation
family turbulences
sudden life changes

Etiology of Suicide

Biol­ogical factors
No biological theory of suicide
Connect serotonin and suicide
Soci­olo­gical Theory
Suicide is related to social discon­nec­tions and loss of control over individual impulses
Occurs when society fails to control individual impulses
Psyc­hol­ogical Theory
Depression is a major factor in suicide
many clients not depressed complete suicide

Assessing Suicide Risk

males are at higher risk
females >at­tempt; males >complete
males use more lethal methods
19 and younger are at higher risk
Increases risk
Previous Attempts
Increases risk
Ethanol use
Alcoholic or recently intoxi­cated
Rational Thinking
Psychotic or illogical
Social support lacking
Has no social supports
Organized plan
Has means to execute plan
No Spouse
Highest among divorc­ed/­sep­ara­ted­/wi­dowed persons
New onset of chronic or disfig­uring illness

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