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A cheat sheet for making cheat sheets on Cheatography.
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Blocks are organised into columns by you.
PDFs organise blocks into columns automa­tic­ally.
Try to keep the columns roughly even in length - it makes the cheat sheets easier to use online.

Plain Text Block

This is an example of a plain text block, filled with example content. Text in these blocks is added as-is, including

line breaks.

Code Block

  // This is a code block.
  // It preserves indentation and
  // uses a monospaced font.

One Column Block

This is a one-column block.
It's useful for listing long items.
It can also be useful for sequences of steps or commands in progra­mming cheat sheets or recipes.
Rows have altern­ating background colours to make the cheat sheet easier to read.

Two Column Block

Block Type:
Two Columns
Useful For:
Key / Value Pairs
Lists of small items
Multi-Column Items
If you have an item in column 1 but not column 2, it will span both columns.

Three Column Block

These blocks are great for saving space when using lists of small items.

Also, this is the first example of a "­content note", which appears under a content block.

Four Column Block

Much like the three column block, the four column block is handy for saving space when using lists of small items.

Question and Answer Block

What is this?
A Q&A block displays each question with the answer indented undern­eath.
When is it useful?
It's great for question and answer content!

Bar Chart Block

The bar chart block takes labels and numbers and generates a chart like the above.


Use tags - they help people find your cheat sheet!
Pick a dark colour - it makes your cheat sheet easier to read.
Write a good desc­rip­tion so people know what's on your cheat sheet.
Tell people about it when you're finished!

Image Block

The image block is just an image, displayed in a block. In the live version of a cheat sheet (not the PDF) you can click on an image for full size.

Video Block

Video can be pulled in from YouTube or Vimeo, and will be shown on the website but not on the PDFs.

Live Content Block

A "live conten­t" block pulls its content from a URL, in a specific format. It's great for anything that changes regularly, like live statis­tics, up-to-­the­-minute sports results and tables, stock and share prices, TV schedules and even traffic and weather reports.


Icons work in block titles as well as content. There is a cheat sheet for Font Awesome icons at http:/­/ww­w.c­hea­tog­rap­hy.c­om­/da­vec­hil­d/c­hea­t-s­hee­ts/­fon­t-a­wesome/

Borders and Alignment

Align text centrally
Align text right
Add border at bottom
Add border on right
Add border on left
Add border at top

Formatting Options

Italics (exam­ple)
Bold (exa­mple)
Supers­cript (exam­ple)
Strike­through (exa­mple)
Inline Code (code)
Asterisk (*)
Carat (^)
Sometimes you want to use a "­*" or "­^" in your content. Add a backslash before those characters (as an escape character) to tell Cheato­graphy to treat them as normal text instead of special formatting charac­ters, like this: \* \^

Breaks and Spacing

Insert non-br­eaking space
Line break
Do not insert shy hyphens
Do not break long lines (only in list blocks)
Do not format text


Popup URL provided
{{popup="http://..."}}link text{{/popup}}
Link to URL provided
{{link="http://..."}}link text{{/link}}


You can only publish a cheat sheet once.
Before that, only you can see it, unless you share the "­pre­vie­w" URL.
Newly published cheat sheets are prominent on Cheato­graphy, so make the most of publishing and wait until you're happy with the cheat sheet!
You can still edit a cheat sheet after you've published it.
You can't unpublish a cheat sheet once it's been published.

Language Support

Cheato­graphy supports all languages, as best we can manage.
This means that the web versions of cheat sheets support all of the languages we've seen so far, including Chinese and Japanese.
We're working on right-­to-left language support.

Rating Guidelines

Not sure what rating to give? Here are some tips to help you rate fairly and consis­tently.
Superb. A great guide, likely to be useful to anyone interested in the topic. Probably well presented, at least a page long, and uses tags.
A good cheat sheet, with lots of useful inform­ation. Worth printing out a copy!
A decent cheat sheet, but missing some useful inform­ation. A useful reference, but could do with some improv­ement.
Room for improv­ement - probably not useful yet, but has potential with some more work.
A poor cheat sheet, likely accide­ntally published too soon, doesn't have much useful content, contains abuse, or with other serious problems.

Rating Tips

If someone has rated one of your cheat sheets, please consider rating one of theirs.
Avoid "­revenge rating­s". If you receive a low rating, bear in mind that not everyone will find your cheat sheets as useful as you do!
Feel free to leave a shout for another user to ask for more inform­ation about why they left the rating they did.

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PDF (recommended)

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bradrer bradrer, 03:42 26 Jul 14

How do you end a link tag?

DaveChild DaveChild, 15:46 12 Nov 14

Hi bradrer. Sorry for the slow reply! You don't end a link tag - when you link some text the whole piece of text that follows it will be linked.

DaveChild DaveChild, 11:22 19 Feb 15

Hi bradrer. You can now link specific text, like this: {{link="http://..."}}link text{{/link}}

Joe Sewell Joe Sewell, 17:05 27 Aug 14

Are you really working on "left-to-right language support," or "right-to-left language support?" It looks like you support English, which is left-to-right, quite well. :)

DaveChild DaveChild, 17:05 27 Aug 14

Whoops! Well spotted, I've fixed that.

yayobelle yayobelle, 01:51 4 Dec 14

I have a question about the links - they don't seem to work for me. when i place the {{popup=""}} tag anywhere in my block, all the text in it gets hyperlinked. How do I fix this?

DaveChild DaveChild, 10:05 4 Dec 14

Hi yayobelle. That's correct, that's how the links work. For your draft, you might be better off using the "one-column" layout for your blocks than using the "text" layout.

Tal Tal, 14:44 7 Nov 15

Where are the keyboard shortcuts of

belay bekele belay bekele, 12:59 27 Jan 16

i happy to join your site

pirithiumx pirithiumx, 01:38 16 May 16

very well done, looking forward to diggin in.

Sp33dey Sp33dey, 13:29 20 May 16

hey together :)

rthomasmia rthomasmia, 19:10 15 Dec 16

Looking forward to learning to create cheat sheets.

khackinson khackinson, 16:00 20 Jun 17

Well done. Thanks

jarmenta27 jarmenta27, 20:10 9 Aug 17

Love this!!! Thanks to all who has made this for everyone to see

jeb6 jeb6, 04:28 8 Sep 17

This is great! This will definitely save time and sanity.

Daniel HR Daniel HR, 22:31 3 Oct 17

Awesome job . love it

doktrjay doktrjay, 13:24 27 Oct 17

Thanks for the help!

liudonghua123 liudonghua123, 08:42 1 Nov 17

Thanks for the help!

Dheeraj Kumar Dheeraj Kumar, 10:16 18 Nov 17

This website is very impressive and useful for all

pastel-galaxies pastel-galaxies, 18:49 4 Jan 18

How do you use the {{literal}} effect? I want part of the text in my box to be formatted literally, then the rest to be normal. I can't figure out how to get the literal formatting to stop in the middle of a sentence.

ryanstewart047 ryanstewart047, 16:42 10 Jan 18

I'm new here, can someone tell me what i need to know first?

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