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10 Demandments of Behavior Management Cheat Sheet by

Handling behavior disorders & learning disabi­lity students
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Tom McIntyre, a former teacher of students with behavior disorders and learning disabi­lities, is now a Professor of Special Education and Coordi­nator of the Graduate Program in Behavior Disorders at Hunter College of the City University of New York. An entert­aining presenter, and author of 3 books and over 100 articles, he promotes practical, positive, and respectful management of defiant and aggressive behavior. His new book, "The Behavior Survival Guide for Kids" is the first book written FOR kids with behavior disorders, helping them to make good behavior choices and get along better with others.


1. Always treat young people with respect and preserve their dignity.
2. Always do what is in the student’s best interest.
3. Seek solutions, not blame.
4. Model tolerant, patient, dignified, and respectful behavior.
5. Use the least intrusive interv­ention possible
6. Connect with your students and build strong personal bonds with them.
7. Instill hope for success (otherwise there is no reason for kids to behave in your class).
8. NEVER do anything disres­pec­tful, illegal, immoral, ineffe­ctive, bad for health­/sa­fety, or anything that you wouldn’t want done to you.
9. NEVER give up on a student. Be perturbed with the actions of the student, but keep believing in his/her ability to change for the better.
10. Catch STUDENTS BEING GOOD . . . . A LOT.

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