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15 Principles of Manhood Cheat Sheet by

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Principle 1 Forged

Males are born, while men are forged.

Principle 2 Choices

A man is respon­sible for all of his Choices.

Principle 3 Change

A Man's world is constantly in motion.

Principle 4 Worth

Men are amazing; every Man is of infinite worth.

Principle 5 Courage

Men do whatever it takes.

Principle 6 - Learning

A Man is dedicated to continuous learning.

Principle 7 Reflection

Only the true you will get you through.

Principle 8 Control

A Man shapes the forest more than the forest shapes the Man.

Principle 9 Calling

The best way for a Man to predict his future is to create it.

Principle 10 Strength

A Man accepts that to live is to be challenged through crisis and hardship.

Principle 11 Accoun­tab­ility

A Man never stands alone unless he is taking a stand.

Principle 12 Humility

A Man knows when to say, "I was wrong,­" and humbly faces his errors.

Principle 13 Persev­erance

A Man does not always get it right the first time, but he keeps on trying until he does.

Principle 14 Character

A Man lives by his princi­ples.

Principle 15 Submission

A Man submits to an authority beyond himself.


Knights brandished swords against evil in medieval times to bring freedom to their land. Times have not changed, but the round tables have been empty for centuries. Across the nation different Knights men's ministry groups are forming around new round tables as a result of this innovative and life-c­hanging men's ministry series. They are learning a new way to fight for their women, children, God and country. Men can choose to ignore the holy war that is going on in our nation and our world, or they can join a round table in the fight for God and freedom

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