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4 Crucial Skills for Organizational Cultures Cheat Sheet by

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Are there crucial elements of high-p­erf­ormance organi­zat­ional cultures, patterns of skills that transcend industry, location, or size? Are there common skills or patterns that any organi­zation can adopt to improve perfor­mance?

Thought leader Joseph Grenny and his associates at VitalS­marts found four common and crucial skills that create high perfor­mance cultures. Yes some industries emphasize different strategic priorities given the nature of their capital structure, market dynamics, and product life cycles, yet we see similar cultural patterns in high performing organi­zat­ions.

What are the most valuable cultural skills regardless of the industry or strategy?

1. Personal Accoun­tab­ility and Resilience

I am respon­sible for my commit­ments, my emotional state, and embracing personal growth. Rather than put energy into resisting change, I take an active role in coaching myself through change and in helping the organi­zation realize the benefits of change. I own my role as a leader at my level.

2. Interp­ersonal Effect­iveness

We can speak about any issue and we respec­tfully and candidly talk through what is, why, our options, and next step actions.

3. Shared Accoun­tab­ility

We hold each other accoun­table to the things that matter most in our organi­zation, usually the things that customers care about or make us unique as an organi­zation. Some say its about creating consistent gentle pressure by collea­gues. It’s difficult to create shared accoun­tab­ility without people who hold themselves account and can manage their own resili­ence, and know how to keep the lines of commun­ication open as they hold each other accoun­table.

4Crucial Skills

4. High Influence Leaders

Leaders at all levels know how to influence others and support change. They know how to influence behavior and lead change at their level.

Watch Joseph explain the problems in most cultures or cultural viruses and the key skills all cultures need to perform at peak levels.

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