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Advantages of Peer-to-Peer Streaming Cheat Sheet by

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The explosion of live streaming video in IP video cameras, network recorders and body-worn cameras is driving a new category of high-end software offering reduced bandwidth, high scalab­ility and lower total cost of ownership (TCO). Security dealers and integr­ators can partner with manufa­cturers who can deliver these capabi­lities for their implem­ent­ation or video survei­llance project design.

What is Peer-t­o-Peer Streaming?

Peering, or peer-t­o-peer connec­tions, delivers video and data streams in real time directly between the source and destin­ation – over any network and bypassing cloud servers entirely. Users still retain control over its use in their ecosystems and can deploy it on a variety of devices, including image capture and streaming from Android, iOS, browser platforms, or “peering” directly from cameras or NVRs to wherever necessary.

Peering eliminates high costs of operating cloud-­based streaming services while mainta­ining flexib­ility for specific functi­ona­lity, such as security, process control, operations management or business intell­igence. It can also be used in transp­ort­ation and retail markets (buses, ships, storef­ronts) for low-cost on-pre­mises streaming distri­bution.

Peer-t­o-peer provides the user, security dealer or security monitoring operation a live view of the protected premises or an event to more accurately assess and target the approp­riate response while minimizing the operating costs for the service provider.

Security integr­ators should be aware there is a difference between generic peering and peering that is written and augmented specif­ically for the needs of physical security. The archit­ecture of a securi­ty-­based implem­ent­ation needs to follow establ­ished security protocols and standards, use native H.264 video compre­ssion codecs and secure the connec­tions with encryption and access control.

Many peering solutions are intended for browser chat services, focus purely on file-based delivery or rely on techno­logies like VP8 encoding, which is not endemic to the security industry.

Peer-t­o-peer streaming should be designed to shed the high cost of bandwidth by streaming directly to the user’s choice of device or platform, moving off the end-user’s IT infras­tru­cture. It works optimally when streaming from: security cameras and survei­llance; wearables and body-worn cameras; drones; telepr­esence and robots; and other video-­enabled loT devices.

P 2P Video Streaming


1. Eliminates cost of cloud bandwidth usage
2. Lowers latency and yields quicker connection times
3. Eliminates cloud compute and management resources
4. Reduces complexity and points of failure
5. Yields end-to-end encryption of data
6. Provides a simpler IoT workflow
7. Reduces potential attack surfaces for more secure services
8. Offers direct bi-dir­ect­ional commun­ication between source and destin­ation
9. Affords two layers of author­iza­tio­n/a­ccess control
10.Support from all major industry players including Google, Apple and Microsoft


1. Connection between devices will have to exclus­ively go through the internet, even if they happen to be a few feet apart.
2. it will not be able to respond to the growing needs of the huge IoT ecosystems of tomorrow
3. Existing IoT solutions are expensive because of the high infras­tru­cture and mainte­nance cost associated with centra­lized clouds, large server farms and networking equipment. The sheer amount of commun­ica­tions that will have to be handled when IoT devices grow to the tens of billions will increase those costs substa­nti­ally.
4. Even if the unprec­edented economical and engine­ering challenges are overcome, cloud servers will remain a bottleneck and point of failure that can disrupt the entire network. This is especially important as more critical tasks such as human health and life will become dependent on IoT.

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