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Standards of Nursing Practice
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Standards of Practice

1. Assessment
The registered nurse collects compre­hensive data pertinent to the patient’s health or the situation.
2. Diagnosis
The registered nurse analyzes the assessment data to determine the diagnoses or issues.
3. Outcome Identi­fic­ation
The registered nurse identifies expected outcomes for a plan indivi­dua­lized to the patient or the situation.
4. Planning
The registered nurse develops a plan that prescribes strategies and altern­atives to attain expected outcomes.
5. Implem­ent­ation
The registered nurse implements the identified plan
5A. Coordi­nation of Care
The registered nurse coordi­nates care delivery.
5B. Health Teaching & Health Promotion
The registered nurse employs strategies to promote health and a safe enviro­nment.
5C. Consul­tation
The advanced practice registered nurse and the nursing role specialist provide consul­tation to influence the identified plan, enhance the abilities of others, and effect change.
5D. Prescr­iptive Authority & Treatment
The advanced practice registered nurse uses prescr­iptive authority proced­ures, referrals, treatm­ents, and therapies in accordance with state and federal laws and regula­tions.
6. Evaluation
The registered nurse evaluates progress toward attainment of outcomes.
7. Quality of Practice
The registered nurse system­ati­cally enhances the quality and effect­iveness of nursing practice.
8. Education
The registered nurse attains knowledge and competency that reflects current nursing practice.
9. Profes­sional Practice Evaluation
The registered nurse evaluates one’s own nursing practice in relation to profes­sional practice standards and guidel­ines, relevant statutes, rules, and regula­tions.
10. Colleg­iality
The registered nurse interacts with and contri­butes to the profes­sional develo­pment of peers and collea­gues.
11. Collab­oration
The registered nurse collab­orates with patient, family, and others in the conduct of nursing practice
12. Ethics
The registered nurse integrates ethical provisions in all areas of practice.
13. Research
The registered nurse integrates research findings into practice.
14. Resource Utiliz­ation
The registered nurse considers factors related to safety, effect­ive­ness, cost, and impact on practice in the planning and delivery of nursing services.
15. Leadership
The registered nurse provides leadership in the profes­sional practice setting and the profes­sion.

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