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Asperger Syndrome (AS), also known as Asperg­er's, is a develo­pmental disorder charac­terized by signif­icant diffic­ulties in social intera­ction and nonverbal commun­ica­tion, along with restricted and repetitive patterns of behavior and interests.

As a milder autism Spectrum disorder (ASD), it differs from other ASDs by relatively normal language and intell­igence. Although not required for diagnosis, physical clumsiness and unusual use of language are common.

Signs usually begin before two years old and typically last for a person's entire life


Pick out the one answer that best describes the way you have been feeling during the past two weeks, including today. Circle the number of the correct answer. Please do not choose more than one number for each statement.

Respond to each statement as best you can using the answer key below:
0 = Not a problem at all
1 = A mild problem, that is bothersome but doesn’t interfere with daily activities
2 = A moderate problem, that does interfere with daily activities
3 = A severe problem, which makes it very hard to have a normal day at all


1. Preocc­upied by favorite intere­st/­topic
2. Difficulty using/­int­erp­reting nonverbal cues
3. Inability to develop peer relati­onships
4. Difficulty transi­tio­nin­g/likes routine
5. Anxious
6. Depressed
7. Disorg­anized
8. Overly sensitive to sounds­/ta­ste­s/t­extures
9. Overly sensitive to criticism
10. Stereo­typical moveme­nts­/be­haviors
11. Clumsy­/Un­coo­rdi­nated
12. Aware he/she is different from others
13. Limits or avoids eye contact
14. Prefers to spend time with adults rather than peers
15. Asks inappr­opriate questions or makes inappr­opriate statements
16. Speaks in an academic or very adult manner
17. Facial expres­sions are minimal or inappr­opriate
18. Difficulty with activities that require fine motor skills, such as writing or buttoning
19. Little respect for personal space or physical boundaries
20. Difficulty unders­tanding sarcasm, metaphors, subtle jokes

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