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Australian “Gun Control Act” Cheat Sheet by

The Real Restrictions of Australia’s Gun Laws on its Citizens
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A taste of what our Australian “Gun Control Act” has meant to law abiding Aussie shooters in light of the articles on “Preparing for the Inevitable American Gun Ban”.


1. A firearms license is required for all transa­ctions involving firearms, firearm parts (not access­ories) and all ammunition sales (license number and amount of ammunition purchased is recorded).
2. All semi automatic firearms are restricted to an extremely regulated and difficult to obtain Primary Producers License (regar­dless of caliber).
3. All handgun licenses are for compet­ition shooting only (or Security Industry), handgun magazines are restricted to 10 rounds maximum, calibers above .357, .38 and 9mm are restricted to members of clubs that shoot silhouette compet­itions, and range attendance cards must be completed with mandated minimum number of shoots attended per year and per “style” of shoot as your handgun purpose is listed for (IPSC, Western Action, Silhouette etc) and forwarded to Firearms Branch of the State of residence.
4, Semi automatic and pump action shotguns are again restricted to extremely regulated and difficult to obtain license classes.
5. Magazine capacity limits on bolt, pump and lever action rifles. Afterm­arket magazines restricted to select Brands­/Names rather than function, appearance etc.
6. Conversion kits (ie .45 to .22 caliber) are recorded as a separate firearms not as two parts of the same.
7. Each state has differing requir­ements for storage, magazine capaci­ties, license condit­ions, and one state has a ban on “military style or military appear­ance” firearms which has immediate seizure of firearms and no allowance to change the stock on a Ruger 77/22 back to a “standard” rifle stock from a “military appear­ance” one, or then to sell that stock interstate where it is legal.
8. Firearms are not allowed for personal protection or defense in any form. Lawful, licensed firearm users that have held armed intruders for arrest with their unloaded, lawful firearm have had all their firearms seized and confis­cated (including firearms being licensed to their spouse­/pa­rtner) and have faced months of legal battles for the return of their firearms. If a single firearm is stolen – every firearm is seized by Police regardless if it is locked in a separate safe in a separate room, until their invest­igation is concluded.
9. Firearms legisl­ation contains delibe­rately vague terms such as aforem­ent­ioned “military appear­ance” and the term “fit and proper person”. If the Police decide you should not have firearms they will use any history of speeding offenses, parking tickets etc. to demons­trate that you have little to no regard for the law, and therefore are not a “fit and proper person” to hold a firearms license.
10. As per usual we face a hostile media who allow Gun Control Advocates unrest­ricted open forum discus­sions to put forward their views, opinions and “facts”, and when their “facts” are exposed as lies no retrac­tions are made or one sentence is buried in a report or in the back pages of a newspaper to correct those “facts”.


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