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The Seven Levels Model describes the evolut­ionary develo­pment of human consci­ous­ness.

The Seven Levels Model was developed in 1996–1997. There are two aspects to the model—the Seven Levels of Consci­ousness Model and the Seven Stages of Psycho­logical Develo­pment Model. We operate at levels of consci­ousness and we grow in stages (of psycho­logical develo­pment).

The Seven Levels of Consci­ousness Model applies to all indivi­duals and human group struct­ure­s—o­rga­niz­ations, commun­ities, nations. The Seven Levels of Psycho­logical Develo­pment Model applies to all indivi­duals.

1. Survival

Pursuit of profit and shareh­older value: Creating an enviro­nment of
financial stability, and focusing on the health, safety and welfare of all
employees. Focus on the reduction of excessive control and caution,

2. Relati­onships

Rela­tio­nships that support the organi­sat­ion: Building harmonious
relati­onships that create a sense of belonging and loyalty among
employees and caring and connection between the organi­sation and its
customers. Focus on the reduction of Internal compet­ition,
manipu­lation, blame, internal politics, gender and ethnic discri­min­ation.

3. Self-E­steem

High perfor­mance systems and proces­ses: Creating a sense of employee
pride by establ­ishing policies, proced­ures, systems, processes and structures that create order and enhance the perfor­mance of the organi­sation through the use of best practices. Focus on the reduction of bureau­cracy, hierarchy, silo‐m­ent­ality, power and status seeking, confusion, compla­cency, and arrogance.

Barrett Model of Organi­zat­ional Consci­ousness

4. Transf­orm­ation

Adap­tab­ility and continuous learni­ng: Giving employees a voice in decisi­on‐­making and making them accoun­table and respon­sible for their own futures in an enviro­nment that supports innova­tion, continuous improv­ement, knowledge sharing, and the personal growth and develo­pment of all employees.

5. Internal Cohension

Strong cohesive culture: Enhancing the organi­sat­ion’s capacity for
collective action by aligning employee motiva­tions around a singular
mission, an inspiring vision and a shared set of values that create
commitment and integrity, and unleash enthus­iasm, creativity and

6. Making a Difference

Stra­tegic alliances and partne­rsh­ips: Building mutually beneficial
alliances with other organi­sations and the local community to protect
the enviro­nment, while deepening the level of internal connec­tivity
inside the organi­sation by fostering internal cooper­ation between
business units and depart­ments.

7. Service

Social respon­sib­ili­ty: Working with other organi­sations and the
stakeh­olders of the organi­sation in pursuit of societal objectives that
enhance the sustai­nab­ility of humanity and the planet, while deepening
the level of internal connec­tivity inside the organi­sation by fostering
compas­sion, humility and forgiv­eness.

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