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Best Exercises For Building Each Muscle Group Cheat Sheet by

Best Exercises For Building Each Muscle Group
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6 Ways to build Shoulder muscles

Standing military press. Classic old school exercise and a timeless test of strength. Nothing screams manliness like pressing 220 lbs over your head.
Front Raise. Targets the front (anterior) head of the deltoid muscle.
Dumbbell Lateral Raise. Targets the medium (lateral) head of the deltoid muscle.
Rear Raise. Targets the rear (poste­rior) head of the deltoid muscle.
Upright Row. A great overall builder of shoulder muscle mass and width.
Push Press. Excellent exercise for developing explos­ive­ness. Besides it allows you to load the bar with more weight than using a strict press.

4 Ways to build Chest muscles

Bench press. The primary exercise for developing your chest muscles. Favorite exercise for fitness enthus­iasts around the world. Always done first thing on Monday, hence naming Monday: Intern­ational Bench Press Day.
Dumbbell Bench Press. This variation develops the stabil­izing muscles in the chest and triceps.
Dumbbell Flyes. A great exercise for hitting your inner chest.
Parallel Bar Dips. Exce­llent for finishing off your chest workout. Work both your chest and triceps.

4 Ways to build Arms muscles

Barbell curls. The first exercise newbies think of when first entering a gym. An all-time favorite of bodybu­ilder worldwide for building biceps mass.
Preacher curls. A variation of the standing barbell curl. You can use an EZ bar when performing these since it’s easier on the wrists.
Close grip bench press. Excellent for adding mass to all three heads of the triceps.
Overhead extens­ion. Perfect for training the long head of the triceps.

How to build Legs muscles

Squat. Another all-time classic that build muscle mass all over your body. Along with the deadlift, contender for the title “King of exerci­ses”.
Lunges. A great unilateral exercise for building your quads, glutes, and hamstr­ings.
Hip thrusts. Excellent for improving hip extension which is vital to teaching you to fully engage the glutes and use them up to their full potential.
Romanian Deadli­ft. Targets the hamstr­ings, adding thickness in the middle and upper thigh while working the posterior chain.

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