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Cabling Requirements for Healthcare Cheat Sheet by

Cabling Requirements for Healthcare
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Cabling for healthcare facilities standard approved

TR-42 also approved for public­ation the ANSI/T­IA-­1179-A Healthcare Facility Teleco­mmu­nic­ations Infras­tru­cture Standard. The “A” in the standard’s title indicates it is the first revision of the original 1179 standard, which was published in 2010.

A key element of the 1179-A standard, which was retained from the original document, is a table of recomm­ended work-area outlet densities for different areas in a healthcare facility.

Changes to original 1179 standard document.

While the 1179-A standard was in progress, Legrand North America’s director of eLearning and standards Cindy Montstream provided an update of its develo­pment. Montstream listed the following signif­icant changes from the original 1179 standard document.

Balanced twiste­d-pair backbone cabling is Category 6A minimum
Balanced twiste­d-pair horizontal cabling is Category 6A minimum
Om4 is the recomm­ended minimum for multimode optica­l-fiber cabling
A minimum of two fibers are required for optica­l-fiber backbone cabling
Array connectors are permitted for optica­l-fiber cabling in the work area
MUTOAs (multi­-user teleco­mmu­nic­ations outlet assemb­lies) and consol­idation points may be used as additional network elements
Requirements were added for: teleco­mmu­nic­ations pathways and spaces (addit­ional requir­ements to those in ANSI/T­IA-­569-D); bonding and grounding; firest­opping; broadband coaxial cabling; multi-­tenant building spaces
Recommendations were added for cabling for wireless access points and distri­buted antenna systems


Work Areas

11 Classi­fic­ati­ons:- Based on applic­ations and usage requir­ements usage requir­eme­nts;
Patient Services
Surgery/Procedure/ OR
Ambulatory Care
Women’s Health
Diagnostic and Treatment
Critical Care

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