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Cattell's 16 Person­ality Factor Model aims to construct a common taxonomy of traits using a lexical approach to narrow natural language to standard applicable person­ality adject­ives. Though his theory has never been replic­ated, his contri­butions to factor analysis have been exceed­ingly valuable to the study of psycho­logy.

Cattell's 16 Person­ality Factors

Desc­riptors of Low Range
Primary Factor
Desc­riptors of High Range
Impers­onal, distant, cool, reserved, detached, formal, aloof
(A) Warmth
Warm, outgoing, attentive to others, kindly, easy-g­oing, partic­ipa­ting, likes people
Concrete thinking, lower general mental capacity, less intell­igent, unable to handle abstract problems
(B) Reasoning
Abstra­ct-­thi­nking, more intell­igent, bright, higher general mental capacity, fast learner
Reactive emotio­nally, change­able, affected by feelings, emotio­nally less stable, easily upset
(C) Emotional Stability
Emotio­nally stable, adaptive, mature, faces reality calmly
Defere­ntial, cooper­ative, avoids conflict, submis­sive, humble, obedient, easily led, docile, accomm­odating
(E) Dominance
Dominant, forceful, assertive, aggres­sive, compet­itive, stubborn, bossy
Serious, restra­ined, prudent, taciturn, intros­pec­tive, silent
(F) Liveliness
Lively, animated, sponta­neous, enthus­iastic, happy go lucky, cheerful, expres­sive, impulsive
Expedient, noncon­for­ming, disregards rules, self-i­ndu­lgent
(G) Rule-C­ons­cio­usness (G)
Rule-c­ons­cious, dutiful, consci­ent­ious, confor­ming, morali­stic, staid, rule bound
Shy, threat­-se­nsi­tive, timid, hesitant, intimi­dated
(H) Social Boldness
Socially bold, ventur­esome, thick skinned, uninhi­bited
Utilit­arian, objective, unsent­ime­ntal, tough minded, self-r­eliant, no-non­sense, rough
(I) Sensit­ivity
Sensitive, aesthetic, sentim­ental, tender minded, intuitive, refined
Trusting, unsusp­ecting, accepting, uncond­iti­onal, easy
(L) Vigilance
Vigilant, suspic­ious, skeptical, distru­stful, opposi­tional
Grounded, practical, prosaic, solution oriented, steady, conven­tional
(M) Abstra­cte­dness
Abstract, imagin­ative, absent minded, imprac­tical, absorbed in ideas
Forthr­ight, genuine, artless, open, guileless, naive, unpret­ent­ious, involved
(N) Privat­eness
Private, discreet, nondis­clo­sing, shrewd, polished, worldly, astute, diplomatic
Grounded, practical, prosaic, solution oriented, steady, conven­tional
(M) Abstra­cte­dness
Abstract, imagin­ative, absent minded, imprac­tical, absorbed in ideas
Self-A­ssured, unworried, compla­cent, secure, free of guilt, confident, self-s­ati­sfied
(O) Appreh­ension
Appreh­ensive, self doubting, worried, guilt prone, insecure, worrying, self blaming
Tradit­ional, attached to familiar, conser­vative, respecting tradit­ional ideas
(Q1) Openness to Change
Open to change, experi­mental, liberal, analyt­ical, critical, free thinking, flexib­ility
Group-­ori­ented, affili­ative, a joiner and follower dependent
(Q2) Self-R­eliance
Self-r­eliant, solitary, resour­ceful, indivi­dua­listic, self-s­uff­icient
Tolerates disorder, unexac­ting, flexible, undisc­ipl­ined, lax, self-c­onf­lict, impulsive, careless of social rules, uncont­rolled
(Q3) Perfec­tionism
Perfec­tio­nistic, organized, compul­sive, self-d­isc­ipl­ined, socially precise, exacting will power, control, self-s­ent­imental
Relaxed, placid, tranquil, torpid, patient, composed low drive
(Q4) Tension
Tense, high energy, impatient, driven, frustr­ated, over wrought, time driven.
Primary Factors and Descri­ptors in Cattell's 16 Person­ality Factor Model (Adapted From Conn & Rieke, 1994).

16PF Global and Primary Factors

Low Anxiet­y/High Anxiety
A: Reserv­ed/Warm
C: Emotio­nally Stable­/Re­active
A: Warm/R­eserved
E: Defere­nti­al/­Dom­inant
F: Seriou­s/L­ively
L: Trusti­ng/­Vig­ilant
I: Sensit­ive­/Un­sen­tim­ental
H: Shy/Bold
H: Shy/Bold
O: Self-A­ssu­red­/Ap­pre­hensive
M: Abstra­cte­d/P­rac­tical
L: Trusti­ng/­Vig­ilant
N: Privat­e/F­ort­hright
Q4: Relaxe­d/Tense
Q1: Open-t­o-C­han­ge/­Tra­dit­ional
Q1: Tradit­ion­al/­Ope­n-t­o-C­hange
Q2: Self-R­eli­ant­/Gr­oup­-Or­iented
Lack of Restra­int­/Se­lf-­Con­trol
F: Seriou­s/L­ively
B: Proble­m-S­olving
G: Expedi­ent­/Ru­le-­Con­scious
M: Abstra­cte­d/P­rac­tical
Q3: Tolerates Disord­er/­Per­fec­tio­nistic

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