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Charcteristics of Microservices Cheat Sheet by

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A new generation of APIs will be created as a result of micros­ervices that move away from integr­ation and reuse, and toward organi­zat­ional and technical scalab­ility and resili­ency.

Compon­ent­ization via services

The most common way micros­ervices will break down its components of software is by splitting them up into individual services.

Organized around business capabi­lities

The individual services should focus on the organi­zat­ion’s business capabi­lity, not the technology layer.

Products, not projects

Instead of using a project model where a piece of software is handed off to another group upon comple­tion, develo­pment teams in a micros­ervice own their service throughout its entire life cycle.

Smart endpoints and dumb pipes

“Appli­cations built from micros­ervices aim to be as decoupled and as cohesive as possible,” wrote Fowler and Lewis in an article about micros­erv­ices. “They own their own domain logic and act more as filters in the classical Unix sense: receiving a request, applying logic as approp­riate and producing a response.”

Decent­ralized governance

Micros­ervices give developers the choice as to what languages and tools they want to use for each service.

Decent­ralized data management

Micros­ervices are meant to be individual components of a software service. Therefore, in a micros­ervice approach, each service manages its own database.

Infras­tru­cture automation

Micros­ervices should include infras­tru­cture automation techniques such as Continuous Delivery and Continuous Integr­ation.

Design for failure

Applic­ations need to be able to endure failure.


Evolut­ionary design

“Micro­service practi­tioners usually have come from an evolut­ionary design background and see service decomp­osition as a further tool to enable applic­ation developers to control changes in their applic­ation without slowing down change,” - Fowler and Lewis.

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