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Cincinnati Prehospital Stroke Scale Cheat Sheet by

Assessing if a patient has suffered a stroke
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The Cincinnati Prehos­pital Stroke Scale is a system used to diagnose a potential stroke in a pre-ho­spital setting. It tests three signs for abnormal findings which may indicate that the patient is having a stroke.

If any of these indica­tions are present you must act FAST.

FAST is an acronym for:
F - Facial
A - Arms
S - Speech
T - Time which is critical
Kothari RU, Pancioli A, Liu T, Brott T, Broderick J. “Cinci­nnati Prehos­pital Stroke Scale: reprod­uci­bility and validity.”
Ann Emerg Med 1999 Apr;33­(4)­:373-8

Facial Droop

Norm­al: Both sides of face move equally
Abno­rmal: One side of face does not move at all
Ask the Patient to Smile

Arm Drift

Norm­al: Both arms move equally or not at all
Abno­rmal: One arm drifts compared to the other
Ask the Patient to raise both arms together. Does one drift downward?
Is one Arm weak or numb?


Norm­al: Patient uses correct words with no slurring
Abno­rmal: Slurred or inappr­opriate words or mute
Is the speech slurred? Ask the Patient to repeat a simple sentence. Is the sentence repeated correctly?


Time is Critical

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