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Clasifications/ Gordon Functional Health Patterns Cheat Sheet by

Clasifications/ Gordon Functional Health Patterns
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Health Precep­tio­n-H­ealth Management Pattern

Energy Field, Disturbed
Health Mainte­nance, Ineffe­ctive
Health­-Se­eking Behaviors (Specify)
Infection, Risk for
Injury, Risk for
    Risk for injury, Suffoc­ation
    Risk for injury, Poisoning
    Risk for injury, Trauma
Latex Allergy Response, Risk for and Actual
Management of Therap­eutic Regimen, Effective
Management of Therap­eutic Regimen (Indiv­idual, Family, Commun­ity), Ineffe­ctive
Management of Therap­eutic Regimen, Readiness for Enhanced
Noncom­pliance (Specify)
Periop­era­tiv­e-P­osi­tioning Injury, Risk for
Protec­tion, Ineffe­ctive
Surgical Recovery, Delayed

Nutrit­ion­al-­Met­abolic Pattern

Adult Failure to Thrive
Aspira­tion, Risk for
Body Temper­ature, Imbala­nced, Risk for
Breast­fee­ding, Effective
Breast­fee­ding, Ineffe­ctive
Breast­fee­ding, Interr­upted
Dentition, Impaired
Fluid Balance, Readiness for Enhanced
Fluid Volume, Deficient, Risk for and Actual Fluid Volume, Excess Fluid Volume, Imbala­nced, Risk for
Hypoth­ermia Infant
Feeding Pattern, Ineffe­ctive
Nausea Nutrition, Imbala­nced, Less Than Body Requir­ements
Nutrition, Imbala­nced, More Than Body Requir­ements, Risk for and Actual
Nutrition, Readiness for Enhanced
Swallo­wing, Impaired
Thermo­reg­ula­tion, Ineffe­ctive
Tissue Integrity, Impaired
Skin Integrity, Impaired, Risk for and Actual Oral Mucous Membrane, Impaired

Elimin­ation Pattern

Bowel Incont­inence
Consti­pation, Risk for, Actual, and Perceived
Urinary Elimin­ation, Readiness for Enhanced Urinary Incont­inence
    Functional Urinary Incont­inence
    Reflex Urinary Incont­inence
    Stress Urinary Incont­inence
    Total Urinary Incont­inence
    Urge Urinary Incont­inence, Risk for and Actual
Urinary Retention

Activi­ty-­Exe­rcise Pattern

Activity Intole­rance, Risk for and Actual
Airway Clearance, Ineffe­ctive
Autonomic Dysref­lexia, Risk for and Actual
Bed Mobility, Impaired
Breathing Pattern, Ineffe­ctive
Cardiac Output, Decreased
Disuse Syndrome,
Risk for Divers­ional Activity, Deficient
Dysfun­ctional Ventil­atory Weaning Response
Falls, Risk for
Gas Exchange, Impaired
Growth and Develo­pment, Delayed Develo­pment, Risk for Delayed Growth,
Risk for Dispro­por­tionate
Home Mainte­nance, Impaired
Infant Behavior, Disorg­anized, Risk for and Actual, and Readiness for Enhanced Organized
Peripheral Neurov­ascular Dysfun­ction, Risk for
Physical Mobility, Impaired
Sedentary Lifestyle
Self-Care Deficit
Sponta­neous Ventil­ation, Impaired
Tissue Perfusion, Ineffe­ctive (Specify Type: Renal, Cerebral, Cardio­pul­monary, Gastro­int­est­inal, Periph­eral)
Transfer Ability, Impaired
Walking, Impaired
Wheelchair Mobility, Impaired

Sleep-Rest Pattern

Sleep, Readiness for Enhanced
Sleep Depriv­ation
Sleep Pattern, Disturbed

Cognit­ive­-Pe­rce­ption Pattern

Adaptive Capacity, Intrac­ranial, Decreased
Confusion, Acute and Chronic
Decisional Conflict (Specify)
Enviro­nmental Interp­ret­ation Syndrome, Impaired
Knowledge, Deficient (Specify)
Knowledge, Readiness for Enhanced (Specify)
Memory, Impaired
Pain, Acute and Chronic
Sensory Percep­tion, Disturbed (Specify: Visual, Auditory, Kinest­hetic, Gustatory, Tactile, Olfactory)
Thought Processes, Disturbed
Unilateral Neglect

Self-P­erc­eption & Self-C­oncept Pattern

Body Image, Disturbed
Death Anxiety
Helple­ssness Loneli­ness, Risk for
Personal Identity, Disturbed
Powerl­ess­ness, Risk for & Actual
Self-C­oncept, Readiness for Enhanced
Self-E­steem, Chronic Low, Situat­ional Low, and Risk for Situat­ional Low
Self-M­uti­lation, Risk for & Actual

Role Relati­onship Pattern

Caregiver Role Strain, Risk for and Actual
Commun­ica­tion, Readiness for Enhanced Family Process, Interr­upted, and Family Process, Dysfun­cti­onal: Alcoholism
Family Process, Readiness for Enhanced
Grieving, Antici­patory
Grieving, Dysfun­cti­onal, Risk for and Actual
Parent, Infant, and Child Attach­ment, Impaired, Risk for
Parenting, Impaired, Risk for and Actual, and Parental Role Conflict
Parenting, Readiness for Enhanced
Relocation Stress Syndrome, Risk for and Actual
Role Perfor­mance, Ineffe­ctive
Social Intera­ction, Impaired
Social Isolation
Sorrow, Chronic
Verbal Commun­ica­tion, Impaired
Violence, Self-D­irected and Other-­Dir­ected, Risk for

Sexual Reprod­uctive Pattern

Rape-T­rauma Syndrome: Compound Reaction And Silent Reaction
Sexual Dysfun­ction
Sexuality Patterns, Ineffe­ctive

Coping­-Stress Tolerance Pattern

Adjust­ment, Impaired
Community Coping, Ineffe­ctive and Readiness for Enhanced
Coping, Readiness for Enhanced
Family Coping, Compro­mised and Disabled
Family Coping, Readiness for Enhanced
Individual Coping, Ineffe­ctive
    Coping, Defensive
    Denial, Ineffe­ctive
Post-T­rauma Syndrome, Risk for and Actual
Suicide, Risk fo

Value-­Belief Pattern

Impaired Religi­osity, Risk for and Actual
Spiritual Distress, Risk for and Actual
Spiritual Well-B­eing, Readiness for Enhanced

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