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Clinician Rating Scale: Medication Adherence Cheat Sheet by

Clinician Rating Scale; Medication Adherence
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The CRS uses an ordinal scale of 1–7 to quantify the clinic­ian’s assessment of the level of adherence shown by the patient. Higher numbers represent greater adherence. The CRS has been used in two controlled trials of ‘compl­iance therapy’, in which it demons­trated sensit­ivity in detecting differ­ences in outcomes among patients receiving compliance therapy versus non-sp­ecific counse­lling (Kemp et al, 1996; 1998).

Level of Adherence

Level of Adhere­nce
Complete refusal
Partial refusal or only accepts minimum dose
Accepts only because compul­sory, or very reluctant / requires persua­sion, or questions the need for medication often (e.g. every 2 days)
Occasional reluctance (e.g. questions the need for medication once a week)
Passive acceptance
Moderate partic­ipa­tion, some knowledge and interest in medication and no prompting required
Active partic­ipa­tion, readily accepts, and shows some respon­sib­ility for regimen

Adherence Factors

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