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CMS Emergency Rule Core Elements Cheat Sheet by

CMS Emergency Rule Core Elements
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Providers and suppliers that partic­ipate in Medicare and Medicaid must comply with a new final emergency prepar­edness rule issued by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS). The final rule, implem­ented Nov. 15, 2017, outlines four core elements that must be followed as part of a compre­hensive emergency prepar­edness plan. These include:

1. Risk Assessment and Emergency Planning

Hazards likely in geographic area
Care-r­elated emerge­ncies
Equipment and Power failures
Interr­uption in Commun­ica­tions, including cyber attacks
Loss of all/po­rtion of facility
Loss of all/po­rtion of supplies
Plan is to be reviewed and updated at least annually

2. Commun­ication Plan

Complies with Federal and State laws
System to Contact Staff, including patients’ physic­ians, other necessary persons
Well-c­oor­dinated within the facility, across health care providers, and with state and local public health depart­ments and emergency management agencies.
A means, in the event of evacua­tion, to release patient inform­ation

3. Policies and Procedures

Complies with Federal and State laws
Must address: Subsis­tence of staff and patients, evacua­tion, sheltering in place, tracking patients and staff.

4. Training and Testing

Complies with Federal and State laws
Maintain and at a minimum update annually
Conduct drills and exercises

Four Core Elements

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