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CMS F-Tags and Regulatory Groups Cheat Sheet by

Federal Nursing Home Survey Tags
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Resident Rights

F150 Definition of SNF & NF, Resident Rights Facility Practices
F151 Exercise Rights­/Vo­te/Free of Coercion
F152 Rights Exercised by Surrogate
F153 Access and/or Copy Clinical Records
F154 Informed of Health Status/Med Condition
F155 Right to Refuse Treatm­ent­/Re­search
F156 Inform of Servic­es/­Cha­rge­s/Lgl Rights/Etc
F157 Notify of Accide­nts/Sig Chnges­/Tr­nsf­er/Etc
F158 Resident Manage Own Financial Affairs Quality of Life
F159 Facility Management of Resident Funds
F160 Conveyance Upon Death F241 Dignity
F161 Surety Bond or Other Assurance
F162 Limitation on Charges to Personal Funds
F163 Free Choice of Personal Physician
F164 Privacy and Confid­ent­iality
F165 Voice Grievances without Reprisal
F166 Facility Resolves Resident Grievances
F167 Survey Results Readily Accessible
F168 Receipt of Info/C­ontact Resident Advocates
F169 Right to Work/R­efuse to Work for Facility
F170 Send/R­eceive Unopened Mail
F171 Access to Statio­nery, Etc
F172 Access and Visitation
F173 Ombudsman Access to Clinical Records
F174 Access to Telephone with Privacy
F175 Right to Share a Room – Married couple
F176 Self-a­dmi­nis­tration of Drugs
F177 Refusal of Certain Transfers

Admission, Transfer and Discharge Rights

F201 Reasons for Transf­er/­Dis­charge
F202 Docume­ntation for Transf­er/­Dis­charge
F203 Proper Notice Before Transf­er/­Dis­charge
F204 Orient­ation For Transf­er/­Dis­charge
F205 Notice of Bed-hold Policy Upon Transfer
F206 Return of Res After Bed-hold Days Expire
F207 Fac Establish Equal Access Policies
F208 Admission Policies – Cannot Waive 18/19

Reside­ntial Behavior and Facility Practise

F221 Right to be Free from Physical Restraints
F222 Right to be Free from Chemical Restraints
F223 Right to be Free from Abuse
F224 Staff Treatment of Residents
F225 Not Employ Persons Guilty of Abuse
F226 Facility Policies Prohibit Abuse, Neglect

Quality of Life

F240 Facility Promot­es/­Enh­ances Quality of Life
F241 Dignity
F242 Self-d­ete­rmi­nation – Resident Makes Choices
F243 Res Partic­ipation in Reside­nt/­Family Groups
F244 Fac Listen­s/R­esponds to Res/Family Groups
F245 Res Partic­ipation in Activities
F246 Accomm­odation of Needs & Prefer­ences
F247 Notice Before Room/R­oommate Change
F248 Activity Program Meets Individual Needs
F249 Qualif­ica­tions of Activity Director
F250 Medically Related Social Services
F251 Qualif­ica­tions of Social Worker
F252 Safe/C­lea­n/C­omf­ort­abl­e/H­omelike Enviro­nment
F253 Housek­eeping & Mainte­nance Services
F254 Clean Linens in Good Condition
F256 Adequate & Comfor­table Lighting Levels
F257 Comfor­table & Safe Temper­ature Levels
F258 Comfor­table Sound Levels

Resident Assessment

F271 Phys Orders at Admission
F272 Compre­hensive Assess­ments
F273 Assessment Freq – No Later than 14 Days
F274 Assessment After Sig Change
F275 Assessment Every 12 Months
F276 Quaterly Review of Assess­ments
F277 Data Format
F278 Accuracy of Assess­/Co­ord­inate w/Prof­ess­ionals
F279 Develop Compre­hensive Care Plans
F280 Develo­p/P­rep­/Review of Comp Care Plan
F281 Services Provided Meet Prof Standards
F282 Qualified Services in Accord w/Care Plan
F283 Discharge Summary
F284 Req for Post-d­isc­harge Plan of Care
F285 PASRR Requir­ements for MI & MR
F286 Access to 15 months of MDS records
F287 MDS Transm­ission Requir­ement

Quality of Care

F309 Nec Care for Highest Prac Well Being
F310 ADLs Do Not Decline Unless Unavoi­dable
F311 Res Treatment to Improv­e/M­aintain ADLs
F312 ADL Care for Dependent Residents
F313 Treatment to Maintain Hearin­g/V­ision
F314 Treatment to Preven­t/Heal Pressure Sores
F315 Res Not Cathet­erized Unless Unavoi­dable
F317 No Reduction in ROM Unless Unavoi­dable
F318 Range of Motion Treatment & Services
F319 Mental­/Ps­ych­osocial Treatment
F320 No Develo­pment of Mental Problems
F321 No Feeding Tube Unless Unavoi­dable
F322 Proper Care & Services - Feeding Tube
F323 Fac Free of Accident Hazards
F325 Maintain Nutrition Status­/Th­era­peutic Diet
F327 Fac Provides Sufficient Fluid Intake
F328 Treatm­ent­/Care for Special Care Needs
F329 Free From Unnece­ssary Drugs
F332 Medication Error Rates of 5% or More
F333 Res Free From Sig Medication Errors
F334 Influenza and Pneumo­coccal Immuni­zation

Nursing Services

F353 Sufficient Nursing Staff on 24-hour Basis
F354 Use of Charge Nurse & Registered Nurse
F355 Waiver of 24 Hr Nurse Staffing
F356 Nurse Staffing Data Posted

Dietary Services

F360 Approp­riate Diet
F361 Employment of Qualified Dietitian
F362 Sufficient Support Personnel
F363 Menus Meet Needs & Are Followed
F364 Food Prepar­ati­on/­Pal­ata­ble­/Te­mpe­rature
F365 Food Form Meets Individual Needs
F366 Substi­tutes of Similar Nutritive Value
F367 Therap­eutic Diets Prescribed by Phys
F368 Frequency of Meals – 14 hours
F369 Adaptive Eating Equipm­ent­/Ut­ensils
F371 Sanitary Food Procur­e/P­rep­/Di­st/­Storage
F372 Proper Disposal of Garbage & Refuse
F373 Paid Feeding Assistants

Physician Services

F385 Residents’ Care Supervised by Physician
F386 Physician Respon­sib­ilities During Visits
F387 Freque­ncy­/Ti­mel­iness of Physician Visits
F388 Visits by Physic­ian­/Phys Assist­ant/Etc
F389 Emergency Physician Services 24 Hr/Day
F390 Phys Delegation of Tasks in SNFs/NFs

Specia­lized Rehab Services

F406 Facility Provides Specia­lized Rehab Services
F407 Qualif­ica­tions For Providing Rehab Services

Dental Services

F411 Dental Services in SNFs
F412 Dental Services in NFs

Pharmacy Services

F425 Facility Provides Drugs & Biolog­icals
F428 Drug Regimen Reviewed Monthly
F431 Proper Labeling of Drugs & Biolog­icals

Infection Control

F441 Infection Control Program
Isolation Available When Approp­riate
Employee w/Comm Disease - No Resident Contact
Hand Washing
Linen Handling to Prevent Infection

Physical Enviro­nment

F454 Fac Designed to Protect Health­/Safety
F455 Emergency Electrical Power
F456 Essential Equipment in Safe Condition
F457 No More than Four Residents per Room
F458 Rms Sq Ft - > 80/res or 100 in private rm
F459 Rooms - Access to Exit Corridor
F460 Rooms - Assure Visual Privacy
F461 Rooms - At least one window to outside
F462 Rooms – Toilet and Bathing Facilities
F463 Resident Call System
F464 Requir­ements for Dining & Activities
F465 Enviro­nment is Safe/F­unc­tio­nal­/Sa­nit­ary­/Co­mfort
F466 Emergency Water Availa­bility
F467 Adequate Outside Ventil­ation
F468 Corridors Have Firmly Secured Handrails
F469 Maintain Effective Pest Control Program


F490 Facility Admini­stered Effect­ively
F491 Licensure Under State / Local Laws
F492 Fed/St­ate­/Local Laws/Prof Standards
F493 Gov Body / Nurse Aides
F494 Comp Nurse Aides Worked < 4 Mo
F495 Nurse Aide Competency
F496 Nurse Aide Registry Verifi­cation
F497 Regular Inservice Education
F498 Profic­iency of Nurse Aides
F499 Facility Employ Qualified Prof Staff
F500 Use of Outside Profes­sional Resources
F501 Respon­sib­ilities of Medical Director
F502 Facility Obtain­s/P­rovides Lab Services
F503 Laboratory Services Provided by Facility
F504 Laboratory Services Only When Ordered
F505 Phys Promptly Notified of Lab Results
F506 Facility Assists Res in Transport to Lab
F507 Lab Reports Filed in Clinical Record
F508 Facility Provid­es/­Obtains Radiology Services
F509 Radiology Services Meet Requir­ements
F510 Radiol­ogy­/Di­agn­ostic Services When Ordered
F511 Promptly Notify Physician of Rad/Oth Findings
F512 Assist Resident in Transport for Radiology
F513 Reports of Xrays/­Dia­gnostic Services Filed in Rec
F514 Clinical Records Meet Prof Standards
F515 Retention of Clinical Records
F516 Facility Safeguards Clinical Records
F517 Plans to Meet Emerge­nci­es/­Dis­asters
F518 Train Employees, Emergency Proc/D­rills
F519 Transfer Agreement w/Hospital
F520 Facility Maintains QA Committee
F522 Disclosure of Ownership Requir­ements

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