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Colored Roses & Their Meanings Cheat Sheet by

What do different colored roses represent?
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Roses of Color

Love, Beauty, Courage and Respect, Romantic Love, Congra­tul­ations, "I Love You", "Job Well Done", Sincere Love, Respect, Courage & Passion
Red (Dark)
Uncons­cious beauty
Red (Single)
"I Love You"
Deep Burgundy
Uncons­cious beauty
Purity, Innocence, Silence, Secrecy, Reverence, Humility, Youthf­ulness, "I am worthy of you", Heavenly
White (Bridal)
Happy love
Apprec­iation, "­Thank you", Grace, Perfect Happiness, Admira­tion, Gentle­ness, "­Please Believe Me"
Dark Pink
Apprec­iation, Gratitude, "­Thank You"
Light Pink
Admira­tion, Sympathy, Gentle­ness, Grace, Gladness, Joy, Sweetness
Joy, Gladness, Friend­ship, Delight, Promise of a new beginning, Welcome Back, Remember Me, Jealousy, "I care"
Yellow with Red Tip
Friend­ship, Falling in Love
Desire, Enthusiasm
Red and White
Given together, these signify unity
Red and Yellow
Jovial and Happy Feelings
Apprec­iation, Closing the deal, Let's get together, Sincerity, Gratitude
Pale Peach
Love at first sight, Enchan­tment
Enthus­iasm, Desire, Fascin­ation
Black *
Death, Farewell
Blue *
The unatta­inable, the impossible
Single - any color
Simpli­city, Gratitude
Red Rosebud
Symbolic of purity and loveliness
White Rosebud
Symbolic of girlhood
Thorn-less Rose
"Love at first sight"
* These roses do not actually exist in nature. They are created artifi­cially.
Credit: http:/­/ww­w.r­kdn.or­g/r­ose­s/c­olo­rs.asp


Roses by the Number

A single rose of any color depicts utmost devotion
Two roses entwined together commun­icate "­Marry me"
Six Roses signify a need to be loved or cherished
Eleven roses assure the recipient they are truly and deeply loved
Thirteen roses indicate a secret admirer

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