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Create Your IOS Keyboard Shortcuts Cheat Sheet by

Create Your IOS Keyboard Shortcuts
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We all have a phrase, a number, or another string of text that we type over and over again: a lengthy street address, your office number, or any other common bit of data you wish would simply flow from your fingertips to your touchs­creen.

You can save yourself a ton of tapping by creating your own custom keyboard shortcuts for iOS devices.

How does a keyboard shortcut (or "text expans­ion­," as it's also called) work? Here's an example: if you were to type, say, the letters "­mpn­" (for "my phone number­"), your phone or tablet would immedi­ately substitute the phrase or text string of your choice­â€”like "­212­-55­5-1­212."


1. Tap Settings, General, Keyboard, then tap Shortcuts near the bottom of the screen.

2. You'll now see a list of all the existing keyboard shortcuts on your iOS device. To add a new one, tap the "­+" in the top corner of the screen.

3. In the "­Phr­ase­" field, type the full phrase that you'd like to appear when you tap out a shortc­ut. The phrase itself can be a short string of numbers or a lengthy block of text; I pasted in a 350-wo­rd-plus paragraph without any trouble.

4. In the "­Sho­rtc­ut" field, tap in the shortcut that'll trigger the full phrase you just entered; again, try a short string of letters that won't be easily confused with a common word.

5. All set? Tap the "­Sav­e" button


Example: Compose a fresh email, type your shortcut, and the phrase you entered should appear as a bubble above the cursor. Tap the space bar, and pop! The phrase will jump into the message, right where your shortcut was.

How to Create IS Keyboard shortcup

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