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List of minerals critical to the United States
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The draft list of minerals that DOI published today as critical to the United States includes 35 mineral commod­ities.

Under the Executive Order, a “critical mineral” is a mineral identified to be a non-fuel mineral or mineral material essential to the economic and national security of the United States, the supply chain of which is vulnerable to disrup­tion, and that serves an essential function in the manufa­cturing of a product, the absence of which would have signif­icant conseq­uences for the economy or national security.

Critical MInerals by Usage

Critical Minerals


The List and Use

1. Aluminum (bauxite), used in almost all sectors of the economy
2. Antimony, used in batteries and flame retardants
3. Arsenic, used in lumber preser­vat­ives, pestic­ides, and semi-c­ond­uctors
4. Barite, used in cement and petroleum industries
5. Beryllium, used as an alloying agent in aerospace and defense industries
6. Bismuth, used in medical and atomic research
7. Cesium, used in research and develo­pment
8. Chromium, used primarily in stainless steel and other alloys
9. Cobalt, used in rechar­geable batteries and supera­lloys
10. Fluorspar, used in the manufa­cture of aluminum, gasoline, and uranium fuel
11. Gallium, used for integrated circuits and optical devices like LEDs
12. Germanium, used for fiber optics and night vision applic­ations
13. Graphite (natural), used for lubric­ants, batteries, and fuel cells
14. Hafnium, used for nuclear control rods, alloys, and high-t­emp­erature ceramics
15. Helium, used for MRIs, lifting agent, and research
16. Indium, mostly used in LCD screens
17. Lithium, used primarily for batteries
18. Magnesium, used in furnace linings for manufa­cturing steel and ceramics
19. Manganese, used in steelm­aking
20. Niobium, used mostly in steel alloys
21. Platinum group metals, used for catalytic agents
22. Potash, primarily used as a fertilizer
23. Rare earth elements group, primarily used in batteries and electr­onics
24. Rhenium, used for lead-free gasoline and supera­lloys
25. Rubidium, used for research and develo­pment in electr­onics
26. Scandium, used for alloys and fuel cells
27. Strontium, used for pyrote­chnics and ceramic magnets
28. Tantalum, used in electronic compon­ents, mostly capacitors
29. Tellurium, used in steelm­aking and solar cells
30 Tin, used as protective coatings and alloys for steel
31. Titanium, overwh­elm­ingly used as a white pigment or metal alloys
32. Tungsten, primarily used to make wear-r­esi­stant metals
33. Uranium, mostly used for nuclear fuel
34. Vanadium, primarily used for titanium alloys
35. Zirconium, used in the high-t­emp­erature ceramics industries

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