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Dehydration Risk Assessment Tool Cheat Sheet by

Dehydration Risk Assessment Tool
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This is a tool to help identify indivi­duals at risk for dehydr­ation. It is to be completed quarterly by placing check marks in the approp­riate boxes.

A Care Plan for Dehydr­ation Risk should be completed for any individual with 2 or morecheck marks

Physio­logical signs

Insuff­icient Fluid Intake
Diuretic Therapy
Meds (laxative, NSAIDS, anti- Psycho­tics, steroids, etc)
Acute Disease (fever, infection, vomiting)
Swallowing Problems including the need for thickened liquids

Clinical Signs

Hx of unintended weight loss
Recent or hx of UTI
Tube Feeding
Fluid Restri­ction
Terminal illness
Uncont­rolled Diabetes Mellitus
Decreased kidney function
Advanced age >85 yrs

Functional Signs

Functional Impairment i.e. hand dexterity, blindness
Cognitive Impairment
Urinary Incont­inence
Impaired decision making
Unaware of need to drink
Decreased thirst
Dependence for ADLs
Physical mobility - wandering
Unable to make needs known

Urine Analysis

Color Of Urine


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Janall Janall, 14:28 9 Feb 19

I love and am so interested in your sheets! Can I email and ask you some questions?

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