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Dutes Post-Concussion SPACE Neurobehavioral Cheat Sheet by

How to determine if suffering from a concussion
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Post-C­onc­ussion SPACE Neurob­eha­vioral Inventory

Answer these post-c­onc­ussion questions to help determine if you may be at risk for academic adjustment diffic­ult­ies.Think of your experi­ences since your head injury and answer yes or no (check box if yes, else leave blank) to the following statem­ents:

Post-C­onc­ussion Neurob­eha­vioral Inventory

Are you avoiding friends and family more than you used to?
Do you feel that most people don't understand you anymore?
Do you have more headaches than you used to?
Do you feel more tired than you used to?
Do you feel more dizzy more often than you used to?
Do you find it harder to concen­trate in class?
Do you find it harder to take tests?
Do you have trouble organizing your thoughts when writing papers?
Do you feel slower mentally?
Do you have trouble rememb­ering and following simple instru­ctions?
Do you take longer to learn things?
Are you more irritable than you used to be?
Do you have more frequent mood swings?
Are you more irritated by others than usual?
Do you feel less smart than you used to?
Total Checked Yes
If you answer yes to 5 or more of these questions you may be at risk for academic adjustment diffic­ulties. Please consult with medical experts on sports injuri­es.

Brain Injury

Chronic Traumatic Enceph­alo­pathy

In a recent HuffPost article, Brett Favre, the legendary quarte­rback, revealed in that he has fears for his future based on possible brain damage over a 20 year career in the NFL. Favre is only one of many retired NFL players who is 2013-1­1-1­0-b­rai­n.jpg concerned about the long term effects of repeated hits to the head or CTE (Chronic Traumatic Enceph­alo­pathy) that results in headaches, depres­sion, lack of concen­tra­tion, sleep disorders, memory loss and a host of other impaired brain functions. In addition to direct blows to the head, which can make the floating brain crash into the skull, this condition is aggravated by hits that cause sudden stops to running. The effect is cumulative and can destroy the quality of life after a football career is over.

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