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Easy Abs Workouts Cheat Sheet by

Easy Abs Workouts to Get Started
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Each year, men resolve to get started on abs workouts to get the elusive six-pack. For men, six-pack abs translate to greater self-e­steem, admiration from women and the feeling of looking good.

Start off with these 4 easy abs workouts for men. Exercising each day for a few months will bring you closer to your goal of building abs.

Remember, you also need a proper diet and a fat-bu­rning cardio regime in place. Ab exercises won't work if you do not have a proper diet, because your ab muscles will not be visible underneath a layer of fat.

Abs workout for men won't reduce the belly fat, by themse­lves. You can undertake High Intensity Interval Training as they boost your metabo­lism, so that you burn fat throughout the day.

Reaching crunch on ball

Sit on a Swiss ball placing your feet should­er-­width apart on the floor.
Lean back on the ball so that your back is parallel to the floor.
Raise your arms, pointing them in the direction of the ceiling.
Now contract your abs as you would in normal crunches exercises, keeping your arms reaching for the ceiling.
Hold the position for three seconds.
Now regain the initial position.
Do 10 reps of this exercise.

Leg raise

Lie down on the floor with your legs up in the air, making a 90 degree angle with the floor.
Lift your hips slightly off the floor by contra­cting your lower abs.
Hold this position for three seconds.
Lower your hips.
Straighten your back and bring your legs in alignment with the rest of your body.
Rest for three seconds and start again.
Do 3 reps.

Abs Workout


Lie on your back with your arms overhead, keeping your legs straight.
Lift your chest and legs simult­ane­ously to bring your body in a V-shape position.
Lower down gently and repeat.
Keep your legs straight and together during this exercise.

Long knives

Lie down on a mat with your arms extended above your body.
Lift both your arms and legs at the same time, trying to touch your feet with the fingers.
Keep your legs perpen­dicular to the floor.
Do at least 10 reps.


These exercises are great for starting an abs workout regime. To stay in shape, train your muscles hard enough. Our hardcore designed ab workouts will help you flaunt abs of steel!

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