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Eight Ways to be Happier Cheat Sheet by

Eight Ways to be Happier
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Artist and author Adam J. Kurtz stepped away from a design and production career to write full time. In his new book, Things Are What You Make Of Them: Life Advice For Creatives, Kurtz describes the anxiety, self-d­oubt, depression and fear that many “creat­ives” experience at the beginning of a new project or a new venture.

Here are the eight ways to be happier according to Kurtz:

8 Ways to be Happier

1. Embrace Yourself
Instead of coveting what we don't have, value what we do have.What makes us special, what we have to offer and what we enjoy are enough. Kurtz writes, "What you love about yourself is enough."

2. Acknow­ledge The Sad
And take steps to address it.

3. Create & Meet Goals
Without the reward based structure of childhood, we have to build our own that is conducive to our personal produc­tivity. So build a life and schedu­lethat enables you to set and meet goals consis­tently.

4. Find Fresh Inspir­ation
When "­'your thing' can start to feel like the 'only thing,­'" then get out and travel more, read more, learn new skills and try new things Kurtz writes.

5. Sunshine & Rainbows
Go outside, soak in some vitamin D, breathe, then roll up your sleeves and go back to work. "As for rainbows, well, you have to weather the storm first,­" Kurtz writes.

6. Celebrate Everything
What you consider to be a regular chore may be a major accomp­lis­hment to someone else, such as paying rent to getting out of bed. So reward yourself with some coffee, because you got out of bed today.

7. Feel Content
No one ever gets everything they want, so instead of striving for perfection achieve conten­ted­ness. "Find a way to be happy with what you already have and you'll always have exactly what you need," writes Kurtz.

8. Forget The "­Des­tin­ati­on"
Happiness is not a destin­ation, it is the journey. "You do not 'arrive' at joy, but you can strive to create it in large and small ways," writes Kurtz.

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