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Employee Self Appraisal Past Performance Cheat Sheet by

Evaluating Your Job Performance
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1. Do you have a complete unders­tanding of requir­ements of your job? If not, what aspects would you like your superior to clarify?
2. List 3 to 5 of the most important objectives you undertook in the review period and comment on how well you have succeeded in accomp­lishing them.
3. What diffic­ulties were encoun­tered, unplanned changes in priori­ties, etc.?
4. What parts of your job do you do best?
5. What parts do you not do so well?
6. What actions do you believe you should take to help improve your present perfor­mance?
7. Can your supervisor help you improve perfor­mance in any way?
8. What training do you think would help you improve your present perfor­mance in any way?

Employee Self Evaluation

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