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Equipment: Preventing Falls Cheat Sheet by

List common device used to prevent falls
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Fall Prevention for the elderly can save lives. Death in adults over the age of 60 often results from a fall, due to infection, trauma and immobility after a fall. Older adults usually suffer fractures of the hip, pelvis, spine and limbs, as well as skin tears, bruises and/or traumatic head injuries. A fall often leaves the person with a fear of falling again and cause them to limit their activi­ties, which interferes with daily indepe­ndence and mobility. For seniors, preventing falls is essential to maintain healthy lifestyle.

The cheatsheet lists many of the common devices used to prevent or assist patient in mainta­ining balance.
Note: this list is meant to provide examples of equipment used to meet resident needs and is not to be considered all-in­clu­sive.

Restraints & Supportive Devices

Bed cane
Geri-Chair/recliner/Tilt-N-Space wheelchair
Lap Buddy/­Fle­xi-Lock
Lap tray
Tray table
Wheelchair straps
Anti-rollback wheelchair device
Anti-tip wheelchair device
Leg straps
Wrist restra­int­s/mitts
Chest harnes­s/p­elvic restraint
Therapy trough
Side rails (quarter, half, three-­qua­rters, full)
Any other device attached to or adjacent to the resident’s body that the resident cannot remove and that restricts his or her freedom of movement or access to the body

Mobility Devices & Transfer Equipment

Merry Walker
Lift equipment (Hoyer and other)
Slide board
Transfer bar (M-rails, grab bars, etc.)
Transfer pole

Every 20 Minutes


Pressure pad
Motion sensors
Call light


Beds in low position
Contour mattress
Fall mat
Perimeter mattress
Pool bed

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