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1. Repeat Tweets
Recycle posts, modera­tely. Don't assume people read every Tweet in their feeds— they don’t. There’s not enough time! So, if tweeting at 9 am and again at 5 pm, you’ll be hitting different groups. Plus, reposting Tweets gives those in other time zones, a chance to view your content. Bottom line: Don’t be scared to Retweet after a couple hours, days or weeks apart, as long as it’s still relevant. Just use modera­tion.
2. Use a Ratio for Tweet Types
Use a ratio like the 30/30/30 rule: 30% original content, 30% retweets, 30% engage­ment. Example: post a link to an article, Retweet a Tweet, and then answer an influe­ntial person with a Tweet.
3. Write a Good Bio
Your biography needs to tell three critical things: Who you are, Why you’re an authority, and What your focus is.
4. Inject Some Indivi­duality Into Your Tweets
You know what’s boring? Taking an article, dumping the link into a post, tagging the author and the public­ation, and adding the title.
Instead, put your own spin on it. Rather than Retwee­ting; The less formulaic you are, the more your tweets will be viewed.
5. Shut Down Frequent Retweeters
What if you love a user’s original tweets—but get tired of all their Retweets? Twitter has a setting to block all of that user’s Retweets from your feed. Just go to their profile, click on the "­Gea­r", and then select “Turn off retweets.”
6. Ignore the Spammers
You do not have to acknow­ledge absolutely everyone. When people ask me to follow them, just pretend never to have seen the tweet. And if someone is hostile, I don’t engage either. Most of the time, responding to angry or irrational people just spurs them on
7. Use People’s Names
Takie some extra seconds to click over to a user’s profile, find his or her first name, and use it. It makes the intera­ction feel friendlier and more genuine.
Users love to read, “Totally agree - John!” than “Totally agree!”
8. Stay Positive
Avoid being tempted to tweet things like, “Unann­ounced @Windows update means I can’t use my computer for the next hour. This is why I love PCs #sarcasm.” While that statement might be mildly entert­aining, it’s also whiny. Better to keep yhour profes­sional reputation as whine-free as possible. No one’s will Follow you for being positive, but people will Unfollow you for being negative.
9. Use Photos
By including a photo in your Tweet, you get 35% more Retweets. Having a picture in your feed every once makes it more visually intere­sting.
10. Use These Key Tools:
There are many tools and apps to help you really Up Your Twitter Game. Here are a few to start:
ManageFlitter will pull up inactive accounts and people who haven’t followed you back.
SocialBro will tell you the best times to tweet.
SocialRank will let you in on who your most influe­ntial, engaged, and “best” followers are, so you can target them accord­ingly.
Twtrland will grade your activity, popula­rity, and respon­siv­eness.
Nuzzel will show you what people in your network are talking about.
BuzzSumo will find the most influe­ntial people tweeting about any given topic.


1. Don't Tweet the Same Type of Content Over and Over
Your followers will notice, if all your Tweets are the same type. There are five basic “Tweet types:” links, images, quotes, retweets, and original comments. As you experiment with these, you’ll quickly figure out which is most popular with your followers. Just make sure you’re not hitting any one type too heavily.
2. Don't Confuse Your Follow­ers
Know your followers and do not mix content of which they have no knowledge. It is the best way to drive them away as they will be lost already by the Tweets.
3. Don't Only Promote Yourself
Best to promote other Twitters and they will recipr­ocate in return. Natural to feel that you owe someone who has done something nice for you. Tit for Tat.
4. Don't Retweet Anything You Haven’t Read
This can only get you into trouble. The contents may not be sending the right message. Always review the contents of Tweets or articles that you are going to reference in your posts. It will save a few embarr­assing situat­ati­ons..
5. Don't Ignore People
When someone tweets at you or mentions you, the worst thing you can do is ignore it. It is disapp­ointing to write a compli­mentary post or give a company a shout-out and hear no response from them. You’re busy, at least Favorite the Tweet if you don’t have the time to respond. If you do, say something, even if it’s a brief, “TYVM!”
6. Don’t ever ask anyone to follow you.
It puts many people in an uncomf­ortable position.
7. Don't Be a Stalker
When you’re trying to reach out to someone, it’s easy to come on too strong. You don’t need to favorite or retweet everything on your feed from a particular person, nor respond to every single Tweet they write. Doing so may be quite annoying to them.
8. Don't Favorite Old Tweets
It’s odd when people favorite Tweets from 2-3 years ago. Stick to the present! Twitter is basically working in real-time (the Present).
9. Don’t Forget the Power of an Emoticon
It’s super easy to send the wrong impres­sions over text. Emoticons in emails may not be profes­sional but they are kosher on Twitter. Inserting smiley faces in a Tweet can make it instantly warmly apolog­etic, “Sorry, I’m not aware of any jobs available right now. :) ”
10. Don’t Use Swear Words
While Twitter is definitely a more casual enviro­nment. However, no one should use intense swear words, And it's best to stay away from “moderate” swear words like “crap”, “freaking” or “pissed off”. It's not profes­sional — and you never know who might be offended.
11. Don’t: Repost Instagram Links
Studies show that Tweets that include Instagram links, ctually engage people less. If you’re dead-set on having Instagram posts show up on your Twitter page, use this IFTT “recipe.” Tag your Instagram post “#tw,” and the photo shows up as an actual photo on Twitter, rather than a link.

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