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Exit Interview Questions Cheat Sheet by

Exit Interview Questions
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1: Why did you look for another job

Why did you begin looking for a new job? Answers to this question will give you a wide range of feedback. You may learn that an employee simply needed a job closer to home, or that a specific situation sparked the search. You could also learn about a compet­itor’s recrui­tment tactics

2. What led to accepting the new position?

What ultimately led you to accept the new position? This question allows you to contrast your company’s offering with an employment compet­itor. It may also offer clues about how well your company meets career develo­pment needs. You may find that a competitor offers better pay, opport­unities for advanc­ement, or work-life balance.

3. Did you feel equipped to do your job well?

Did you feel that you were equipped to do your job well? Is there any way we could have helped you do your job better? This gives you direct insight into how to retain the next employee who fills this position. You may hear tales of technology woes, inadequate training, or lack of managerial support. On the other hand, you may simply learn that training and support were adequate and other factors were more pertinent to the decision to leave.

4. Were you given clear goals and object­ives?

Were you given clear goals and objectives for your role and for advanc­ement? Sometimes job descri­ptions change on the fly, or organi­zat­ional priorities shift. Find out if there were any ways that the employee’s expect­ations could have been better managed.

5. Describe your relati­onship w/Manager

Please describe your relati­onship with your manager. Were you satisfied with the way you were managed? Answers to this question help you hone in on the traits needed for the replac­ement hire, and help you uncover any issues pointing to dysfun­ction in that particular depart­ment.

6. Describe our company culture

How would you describe the culture of our company? Getting an insider’s read on the culture will help you better articulate it to candidates and understand how accurate your employer brand messaging is.

7. What did you like about working here?

What specif­ically did you like about working here? What will you miss the most? Asking for specific examples gives you ammunition for future recrui­ting. It also fosters a sense of goodwill with the departing employee by focusing on happy memories.

8. What did you dislike about your job?

What did you dislike about your job? Whether it’s bureau­cracy, proced­ures, grunt work or clashing person­ali­ties, you’ll get a more realistic view of the position. Use this inform­ation to hone in on key qualities needed for future hires and give important feedback to the depart­ment.

9. What are your views about manage­ment?

What are your views about management and leadership at the company? Since top leaders often set the tone, asking this question gives the departing employee an opport­unity to express what might be valuable insight on how leadership is being perceived within the company.

10. Were you satisfied with pay/be­nef­its­/other?

Were you satisfied with pay, benefits and other perks and incentives here? Is there anything we could improve? While you may not be able to change certain things, it’s worth knowing how employees perceive your pay and benefits package, partic­ularly as they head off to a competitor

11. What could have been done to keep you?

What could have been done for you to remain employed here? There is no question more direct than this one. Often, a frank question will give employees an opport­unity to open up where they were afraid to before. Expect to receive valuable inform­ation about the working enviro­nment, develo­pment opport­unities or the manager.

12. What would you could change?

If you could change anything about your job or the company, what would you change? Though you’ll likely gain a lot of insight throughout the exit interview, this question will help the employee to focus in on the biggest or most important reason they’re leaving your company. It shifts their answer from a complaint to a sugges­tion, which many people feel more comfor­table providing

13. Would you consider coming back?

Would you consider coming back to work here in the future? In what area or function? What would need to change? Organi­zat­ional knowledge is an important asset, so it’s worth finding out if they’d consider future employment

14. Would you recommend the company?

Would you recommend the company as a good place to work to your friends and family? Former employees can still be brand ambass­adors. If their experience was reasonably good, they might know people who would be perfect fits for particular roles within your culture.

Would you write a review on Glassdoor

Would you write a review on Glassdoor? Glassdoor reviews help future employees get a better idea of what it’s like to work at your company. Reminding a departing employee of their power to help others out shows your company’s commitment to transp­arency

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