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GALE Approach
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We live in a world of entangled social systems (gover­nance, education, health care, business, agricu­lture, “defense,” media, etc.) Collec­tively, these systems have us trapped in unsust­ainable patterns of consum­ption, strife, unempl­oyment, inequity and enviro­nmental degrad­ation. Very few of these systems are designed to be conscious of or accoun­table for these unsust­ainable patterns.

We’re at a choice point as a species:

1. We can stick to “busines as usual” — a recipe for ever-i­ncr­easing global crises and bequeath a disastrous future to our children and grand children.
2. We can evolve our social systems in a way that maximizes their contri­bution to the well-being of all life.

The GALE approach to organi­zat­ional, regional and city capacity building is designed to bridge from Choice 1 to Choice 2 — to shift from our current Red-Or­ang­e-Y­ellow Zone trajectory to a Green-Blue Zone trajec­tory. GALE – Generative Action­-Le­arning Expedition – is our name for action­-le­arning infras­tru­ctures that enable a given social system (e.g. organi­zation, instit­ution, region, city) to grow its capacity to become consci­ously self-e­volving — to adapt to a changing world in a way that best serves all life.

GALE can be initiated

GALE can be initiated at any level of system: indivi­dual, organi­zat­ional, city and/or regional:

For indivi­duals GALE could look like Pathfinder Circles, an advanced leadership develo­pment laboratory where partic­ipants engage in a 10X commit­men­t-based journey — from where they are to who they are — an 11-year success story.
For organi­zations it could look like Project 10X – a low cost, low risk, action­-le­arning initiative designed to organi­cally grow an organi­zat­ion’s leadership and capacity to effect­ively address complex, non-li­near, whole-­system challe­nges.
For a region­al/city metamo­rphosis initia­tive, GALE would be tailored to the unique needs, opport­unities and aspira­tions of that region. GALE would be the approach to systemic learning and change in all sectors, geogra­phies and levels of system throughout the region.

A typical GALE starts with a GALE Leadership Intensive – an introd­uctory transf­orm­ational experience designed to equip 18-24 leader­s/p­rac­tit­ioners to play pioneering roles in shaping and implem­enting a startup strategy for their system’s transf­orm­ational journey.


Global­GEA’s design of GALE

It is 10X commit­men­t-based for all partic­ipants and entities — every step of the way. The GALE approach works when in the service of leadership who are deeply committed to making a large and lasting differ­ence, and are truly ready to make a leap and invest in going for it.
A Purpos­e-d­riven, result­s-o­rie­nted, future­-fo­cused develo­pmental strategy: All research, develo­pment and implem­ent­ation activity is in the service of movement toward a shared future vision.
A quest, an advent­ure­-filled journey, to explore and inhabit a future where humanity is consci­ously evolving its social systems in ways that best serve the well-being of all of life, for all time.
Action and learning are multip­lic­ative: All learning in service of generative actions; all actions designed to generate learning ripples.
The GALE approach supports on-going, ever-e­volving systemic learning — a necessity in a rapidly changing world.
It is earth-­based — is grounded in the reality that we are all not only totally dependent on the Earth for our health and well-b­eing, but uniquely equipped to develop a co-cre­ative partne­rship with the rest of nature in the service of the evolution and well-being of all of life.
It is grounded in place – listening deeply to the place and its inhabi­tants — unleashing their full potential — actual­izing their highest destiny.
It is inherently apprec­iative — A commitment to growing synerg­y-s­eeking relati­onships with existing initia­tives that can contribute to the larger vision.
It is wholen­ess­-ce­ntric — Learning and developing from wholeness toward wholeness, every step of the way. It transcends the separatist philos­ophies, ideolo­gies, designs and practices endemic to most all of today’s social systems
It embodies a Blue Star Future — is a collective commitment to evolve “Blue Zone” relati­onships and agreements among its partic­ipants and in all of its immediate and extended stakeh­older families.
It is designed to develop expertise in a way that any given GALE (and its off-sp­rings) become self-s­ust­aining, self-r­egu­lating, self-p­rop­agating and self-e­vol­ving.
Designed to maximize generative ripples both within the system and extending to other allied systems.

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