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Generic Powered Industrial Trucks Inspect Cheat Sheet by

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Overhead Guard: Are there broken welds, missing bolts, or damaged areas?
Hydraulic Cylind­ers: Is there leakage or damage on the lift, tilt, and attachment functions of the cylinders?
Mast Assemb­ly: Are there broken welds, cracked or bent areas, and worn or missing stops?
Lift Chains and Rollers:
    Is there wear or damage or kinks, signs of rust, or any sign that lubric­ation is required?
    Is there squeaking?
    Are they cracked or bent , worn, or mismat­ched?
    Is there excessive oil or water on the forks?
Tires: What do the tires look like?
    Are there large cuts that go around the circum­ference of the tire?
    Are there large pieces of rubber missing or separated from the rim?
    Are there missing lugs?
    Is there bond separation that may cause slippage?
Battery Check
    Are the cell caps and terminal covers in place?
    Are the cables missing insula­tion?
Hydraulic Fluid: Check level?
Gauges: Are they all properly working?
    Is there excessive free play?
    If power steering, is the pump working?
    If pedal goes all the way to the floor when you apply the service brake, that is the first indicator that the brakes are bad. Brakes should work in reverse, also.
    Does the parking brake work? The truck should not be capable of movement when the parking brake is engaged.
Lights: If equipped with lights, are they working properly?
Horn: Does the horn work?
Safety seat: if the truck is equipped with a safety seat is it working?
Load Handling Attach­ments
    Is there hesitation when hoisting or lowering the forks, when using the forward or backward tilt, or the lateral travel on the side shift?
    Is there excessive oil on the cylinders?



Propane Tank: Is the tank guard bracket properly positioned and locked down?
Propane Hose
    Is it damaged? It should not be frayed, pinched, kinked, or bound in any way.
    Is the connector threaded on squarely and tightly?
Propane Odor: If you detect the presence of propane gas odor, turn off the tank valve and report the problem.
Engine Oil: Check levels.
Engine Coolant: Visually check the level. Note: Never remove the radiator cap to check the coolant level when the engine is running or while the engine is hot. Stand to the side and turn your face away. Always use a glove or rag to protect your hand.
Transmission Fluid: Check levels?
Windshield Wipers: Do they work properly?
Seat Belts;Do they work?
Safety Switch: (found on stand up riding tow tractors) Is it working?
Hand guards: (found on stand up riding tow tractors, walking pallet trucks, walking transt­ackers) Are they in place?
Tow Hook
    Does it engage and release smoothly?
    Does the safety catch work properly?
Control Lever: Does the lever operate properly?
Safety Interl­ock:: (found on order pickers) If the gate is open, does the vehicle run?
Gripper Jaws: (found on order pickers) Do the jaws open and close quickly and smoothly?
Work Platfo­rm: (found on order pickers) Does the platform raise and lower smoothly?

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