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Clients always have choices when it comes to selecting services and business partners. Set yourself apart from the rest by rememb­ering “choices” as an acronym which can help make the decision making process easy.

C - Commun­ication

Commun­ication with the customer is critical. Let them know when, where and why things are happening.

H - Honesty

Things don’t always happen perfectly in business. Needs change, mistakes happen, products are delayed, and scheduling conflicts arise. Being up-front and honest with your clients will help to build trust.

O - Options

Providing your client with options, where possible, helps to develop a sense of ownership. If there are equally beneficial choices, help the client to make an informed decision based on your recomm­end­ation. This will help produce a more satisfied customer who feels their specific needs were addressed.

I - Inform­ation

Your clients want to know as much as possible about their invest­ment. Share the pros and cons of the purcha­se/­inv­est­ment. It helps to better understand what the differ­ences and results would be.

C - Competency

Clients want to know that you know what you are talking about. Inform­ation can be provided, and competency must be demons­trated. Be expert in the field, and able to speak about each product with knowledge and experi­ence.

Customer Choices

E - Excitement

You don’t necess­arily need to be jumping up and down on the job site – simply giving the impression that you are happy to be there is enough.

S - Skill

When a client is investing in a job, they want to know that you not only understand the scope of work, but you can also complete the job with skill and profes­sio­nalism. Ensure your teams are trained, and that your finished work represents your company the way you want it to.

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