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Guidelines for Teacher ‘12 Tip’ Papers Cheat Sheet by

Guidelines for Teacher ‘12 Tip’ Papers
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The “Twelve Tips” series is popular with readers and submis­sions in this format are welcomed. The aim is to provide practical advice in the form of twelve short hints or tips for those working in a selected area.

Tips should be grounded in the existing literature and should be as eviden­ce-­based as possible. Authors should make it clear when tips are based on their own personal experience and not based on research findings. ‘Practice Points’ are not required


Each article should include the following:

1. A heading: “Twelve tips for ….”

2. An abstra­ct: (up to 150 words) of all aspects of the paper, including the conclu­sio­ns/­summary statement. It is not necessary to structure the abstract;

3. An introd­uctory section: putting the topic in context and advising why it is an important one;

4. A series of 12 sectio­ns: one for each of the tips, consisting of

(a) the tip number, followed by:
(b) the tip itself, which should be written as an action point, for example “Provide staff develo­pment opport­unities in the area covered”;
(c) Justify the importance of the tip and provide further details necessary to effect­ively implement it.

5. A paragraph summing up or drawing conclu­sio­ns;

6. Supporting refere­nces;

7. Notes on contri­but­or(­s); intended to give the reader some background inform­ation on the authors. A sentence or two on each author is suffic­ient.

8. Acknow­led­gments (optio­nal): If included these are intended to refer to people who have contri­buted to the paper in some way but who do not warrant co-aut­hor­ship.

Guidlines 9 - 10

9. An explicit Declar­ation of Interest statem­ent: Even if you have no declar­ations of interest to report, must be entered in the relevant field at Stage 4 in the submission process and also in the Declar­ation of Interest section of the manusc­ript. It is not sufficient to include this in the cover letter.

10. Figure­s/t­abl­es: Included if necessary, but the total length should preferably not exceed four journal pages. A rough estimate is maximum 3,250 words without allowing space for figure­s/t­ables.

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