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H/R Illegal Interview Questions Cheat Sheet by

H/R Illegal Interview Questions
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Federal and state laws protect employees from discri­min­ation by age, race, gender, national origin, citize­nship, disabi­lities, marital status, sexual orient­ation, arrest and conviction record, military discharge status and pregnancy status. The purpose of a job interview is to determine whether someone has the ability to do the job

To prevent discri­min­ation lawsuits, share this list of questions which cannot be asked with interv­iewers ahead of time.
Source: Glassdoor

Illegal Interview Questions

• How old are you?
• When did you graduate from _______?
• Are you married?
• Are you gay?
• Do you have/plan on having children?
• Who will take care of your children while you’re at work?
• Is English your first language?
• Are you a U.S. citizen?
• What country are you from?
• Where were you/your parents born?
• What is your religion?
• Where do you go to church?
• What clubs or social organi­zations do you belong to?
• Do you have any disabi­lities?
• How is your health?
• How tall are you? How much do you weigh?
• Have you ever been arrested?
• If you’ve been in the military, were you honorably discha­rged?

Interv­iewing for a Culture Fit

GENERAL CULTURAL FIT: To elicit a candid­ate’s values and work behaviors, ask questions about work habits, ideal role, problem solving and how they handle challenges (see the next page for examples). For each question, analyze the response based on how well it comple­ments the way other employees at your company function.

COMPANY VALUES: List your company’s values, then craft an associated question designed to illuminate how a candidate might react or behave in that enviro­nment or circum­stance. For example, if “agility” is one of your values, consider asking a question like, “Tell me about a time you were thrown into a new enviro­nment and how you handled that.” Evaluate the response based on how well the candidate demons­trates they can embody that value.

TEAM CULTURE: Every team has its own culture based on the natural function of the role and the person­alities within it. A talkative, assertive person­ality might be a perfect fit for a high-e­nergy sales team, but not within a more quiet, analytical department like engine­ering.

Notify Candidates

Create rejection template emails that mention the interview steps completed by the candidate. Person­alize each email by the recipi­ent’s name and the name of the team and/or team members. Create a separate template for each of these steps:
• Initial phone/­video screen
• Phone/­video screen and test
• First round of interviews
• Second round
• Presen­tation

Send emails as soon as a candidate is rejected.
Mention if you would like them to apply for another role at the company in the future.
Call candidates who made it to the final round of a senior­-level position, spent a signif­icant amount of time interv­iewing or traveled to the interview.

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