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Mental Health Rituals of Happiness
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I was conducting “Internet research” and ran across a very intere­sting article regarding what makes people happy. It appears that neuros­cience has conducted research and found that you can make yourself happy by implem­enting four rituals. Studies conducted at UCLA found that these four simple rituals will place you in an upward spiral of happiness.

Since it is in my nature, I researched the word ritual to ensure that I understood exactly what that is. I found that, per Wikipedia, a ritual is a sequence of activities involving gestures, words, and objects performed in a seques­tered place and performed according to a set sequence. Rituals are repetitive behaviors. They may be triggered by tradition, religion or even an emotional event. It is the emotional event that we are interested in here. The emotion we are pursuing is unhapp­iness.

It seems that even though they are different pride, shame, and guilt all activate similar circuits in our brains. It can be appealing to feel guilt and shame because they activate the brain’s reward center. Worry also makes the brain feel better since you are at least doing something about your problems. Worry even helps to calm the limbic system by increasing the activity in the thinking brain.

So when we are unhappy, what can we do to make sure that we extricate ourselves from the downward spiral and begin an upward spiral toward happiness? Ask yourself, “What am I grateful for?”
Credit: Manny Roman
The Roman Review: Happiness is a Ritual

Happiness Ritual 1 – Gratitude

Gratitude works on the brain at the biological level. Gratitude boosts dopamine as does the antide­pre­ssant Wellbu­trin. Gratitude also boosts the neurot­ran­smitter serotonin as does Prozac. Even if you can’t find something to be grateful for, don’t worry. It is the process of searching for something that provides the benefits. If you can’t find something, be grateful for this article.


Happiness Ritual 2 – Labeling

OK, so what do you do when you are really down and the bad feelings overtake you? It seems that trying not to feel something doesn’t work, it may even backfire and cause worse feelings. Research indicates that labeling the negative feeling will get your thinking brain involved and reduce the amygdala involv­ement thereby reducing the impact of the emotion. The amygdala is the center of emotion and will quiet down once the thinking brain begins to get involved.

Happiness Ritual 3 – Decision

Brain science shows that making decisions reduces worry and anxiety and may actually help you solve problems. Making decisions involves the thinking brain and again calms the limbic system where the amygdala resides. “But decisions are hard work,” you say. Then, don’t make the absolute best decision. Make a “good enough” decision. Trying to make perfect decisions overwhelm the brain with emotions that will make you feel out of control. Realize that “Good enough is almost always good enough.”

Studies indicate that you get a shot of dopamine, the feel-good stuff, when you make a decision on a goal and then achieve it. You will feel better than if something good happened by chance. We don’t just choose the things we like, we like the things we choose.

Happiness Ritual 4 – Touch People

Yep, touch other people, not indisc­rim­ina­tely, of course. Handshakes and pats on the back will do, although a long hug will go much further. Relati­onships are important for the brain’s feeling of happiness. I have always said that we are in a relati­onships business.

The Happiness Ritual comprises finding something to be grateful for, labeling the negative emotions, deciding on good enough and touching others.

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